Persons Convicted - 09 Nov 2020

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Name Juliana ANTIGUA

DOB 04 June 1968

Sex Female

Nationality Dominican

Phone (649) 431–2186

Address Blue Hills, Providenciales

Employer Owner of Tropicana Upholstery

Date Apprehended 14 July 2020

Location Apprehended Tropicana Upholstery, Turtle Cove, Providenciales

Details of Engagement: Enforcement Officers conducted a check at Tropicana Upholstery. During the check, a Venezuelan national namely Wilfer Alfonzo Duran ALVAREZ was observed working. When asked to provide proof of his status in the islands he informed the officers that he did not have any. He was apprehended, and the owner of the business, Juliana ANTIGUA, was asked to come to the Enforcement Unit office.

Additional Information Gathered: Two interviews under caution were conducted with both Mr. ALVAREZ and Ms. ANTIGUA, and it was discovered that Mr. ALVAREZ entered the islands on 11 July 2019 as a visitor on a Venezuelan passport. Ms. ANTIGUA brought him to the islands to work as an upholsterer at Tropicana Upholstery, where he has been employed since August 2019. Mr. ALVAREZ was charged and convicted of Remaining in the Island Beyond the Permitted Time. Ms. ANTIGUA was charged with Employing Prohibited Person.

Current Status: 4 Nov 2020 – Convicted of Employing Prohibited Person and sentenced to pay a fine of $2000 or serve 14 days in prison.