Name Marino Antonio MARTINEZ

DOB 3 Mar 1965

Sex Male

Nationality Dominican

Phone 649-347-0626

Address Downtown, Providenciales

ID (type & no.) Passport #PR0365741

Employer Jesus

Date Apprehended 6 Dec 2020

Location Apprehended South Dock Road, Providenciales

Details of Engagement: Mr. Martinez was apprehended by RTCIPF officers near the FCIB roundabout after failing to provide proof of his status in the islands and was escorted to the Detention Center to be detained and processed.

Additional Information Gathered: During processing it was discovered that Mr. Martinez entered the islands on Sep 2008, and that he works for a man named Jesus as a Gardener without any legal status. On 8 Dec 2020 he was repatriated via Caicos Express flight #303

Current Status: Repatriated on 8 Dec 2020 via Caicos Express flight #303