Great Grandchild Route - Fee $5,000
Immigration Regulations 13(2) (i)


A. You are of good character

Evidence Required:

  1. Police Certificate issued in the last six months, and
  2. Two character reference letters.

B. You have 3 years continuous Lawful residence in the Islands

Evidence Required:

  1. Work Permit and/or Residence Permits

C. You are the great grandchild of a person who was born in the Islands and had or would have had Islander status at the time of your birth

Evidence Required:

  1. Your birth certificate
  2. The relevant parent’s birth certificate.
  3. The relevant grand parent’s birth certificate
  4. The relevant great grand parent’s birth certificate 

Note: If endorsing a child, their immunisation records if they are aged  0-5 years old, school letters for those above 5 years old.


Submission of Application
$150 each time an application is submitted (either original application or application to endorse) Non-refundable

Main Applicant
$5,000 of which $4,000  is refundable if doesn’t qualify or not approved.

Dependents endorsed on a certificate must be present in the islands with legal status, and must not have entered as a visitor.

If granted, the applicant will have permission to work. Dependents will need a work permit or government stamp to work.