The Ministry of Immigration, Citizenship, Labor & Employment Services, in collaboration with the department of Registration and Citizenship, are hereby inviting the following members of the general public to visit or contact the Customer Service Center in Grand Turk and Providenciales, at the numbers provided, as it relates to Naturalization and Registration Applications.

The telephone numbers are:

(649) 338 2982 - Grand Turk

(649) 338 4121 – Providenciales

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Alfonso V. Palatino

Kaleece K.P. Williams

Amska J. Antoine

Kody W. Sejour

Berlandine Cassy

Kombal Batra

Betchaina Hyppolite

Larasha Farrington

Brenko Jean

Lopeze Exilhomme

Brunscarma Jusmable

Meldjina Cassy

Christmael Jusmable

Michael O. Kwarteng

Dadna J. Reynoso Reyes

Mikenson Obin

Dainchy G. Chery

Milito Rodriguez

Divenson Jean Baptiste

Miterlan D. Clerjuste

Dupont Amazan

Monise Amilcar

Elicia Bastion

Obenson Flerima

Emmanuelle A. Altidor

Romario P. Reid

Esteven R. Lubin

Roudia Chery Sainton

Franceska Ethheart Parker

Sangeeta Aswani

Gauri Kakkanad

Sheneka Charles

Harry Cooper

Sonahdie A. Pierre

Isais Sejour

Sonia Gibbs

Jerley E. Perard

Steffano L. Astwood

Jim B. Francois

Tara Bartley

Jodesti Francois

Tatiana Augustin

Jonide Duffault/Alexis

Tyrone Smith

Juliana Jusmable

Venicia Jacques Higgs


Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.