The Ministry of Immigration in collaboration with the Immigration Department would like to advise the general public that Ms. Jessica Cover, has left the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). 

As a result of her behavior and subsequent conviction within the TCI, Ms. Cover's name has been recommended to be added to the Stop List of the TCI, with immediate effect.

In commenting on the incident, Hon Vaden Delroy Williams stated, “My Ministry and Government will not tolerate this type of insensitive and disrespectful behaviour from no one and especially those transitioning through our shores.” He continued, “We welcome everyone to our shores but we will not condone persons disrespecting our people and most especially our law enforcement officials.”

The Minister went on to commend the Police officers involved for their restraint and thank them for their continued services.

Ms. Covers, who was convicted for the following offences, departed the TCI for Miami, Florida via American Airlines flight number 1576, on December 11th, 2020 at 1:43pm.



  1. Failing to provide a specimen of breath – fined $200.00 forthwith or in default 14 days in prison. She was also prohibited from driving for six months, with immediate effect.
  2. On the assault (punching) charge, she was fined $400.00 forthwith or in default 30 days in prison.
  3. On the assault (spitting) charge, she was fined $1,200.00 forthwith or in default 60 days in prison.