Primary and Secondary School Route - Fee $5,000
Immigration Regulations 13(2) (b)


A. You are of good character and in good health

Evidence Required:

  1. Police Certificate issued in the last six months, and
  2. Two character reference letters, and
  3. Is below the age of twenty-one years on the date of application
  4. Has completed his primary and secondary education in the Islands.

B. You entered the islands before the age of 7 and completed Primary and Secondary school in the islands

Note: You do not qualify if you have not completed secondary school . You also do not qualify if there were any breaks in attending school here in the islands (for example if you went overseas for some of those years).

Evidence Required:

  1. Copy of passports or other documents that clearly show you entered the islands before the age of seven, and
  2. School letters confirming attendance and dates of attendance. AND
  3. If endorsing a child, their immunisation records if they are aged 0-5 years old, school letters for those above 5 years old.

Submission of Application
$150 each time an application is submitted (either original application or application to endorse) Non-refundable

Main Applicant
$5,000 of which $4,000  is refundable if doesn’t qualify or not approved.

$200 per dependent Refundable if doesn’t qualify or not approved.

Dependents endorsed on a certificate must be present in the islands with legal status, and must not have entered as a visitor.

If granted, the applicant will have permission to work. Dependents will need a work permit or government stamp to work.