Ten Years Continuous Legal Residence Route - Fee $10,000
Immigration Regulations 13(2) (a)


A. You are of good character and in good health

Evidence Required:

  1. Police Certificate issued in the last six months, and
  2. Two character reference letters, and
  3. Evidence that you have not accrued 10 years residency followed by a period of illegal residence (passport copies and copies of work permits or other immigration documents), and
  4. Medical certificate issued in the last six months.

B. You meet the English Language and Knowledge of the Islands Criteria

See the English Language and Knowledge of the Islands Page for more details.

C. You are capable of supporting yourself and your dependents

Evidence Required:

  1. Rent agreement/letter from landlord, or
  2. Evidence of mortgage, and
  3. A bank statement/letter showing evidence of funds in account.
  4. Job letter from employer/confirmation of self-employment 

D. You have 10 years continuous residence in one or a combination of the following work categories:

  1. Work Permit
  2. Government stamps (which include HM Forces on duty in the Islands, or nationals of other countries serving the TCI Government).
  3. Residence Permit
  4. Endorsee as a spouse on a Permanent Residence Certificate

Evidence Required:

  1. Copies of work permits and/or residence permits and/or
  2. Copies of government stamps in passport pages and original letter from the Human Resource Department confirming period of employment, and/or
  3. Search of Record from the Work Permit Board/Employment Services Department confirming work permits had been granted. AND

NOTE:  If endorsing a child, their immunisation records if they are aged 0-5 years old, school letters for those above 5 years old.


Submission of Application
$150 each time an application is submitted (either original application or application to endorse) Non-refundable

Main Applicant
$10,000 of which $9,000  is refundable if doesn’t qualify or not approved.

$200 per dependent Refundable if doesn’t qualify or not approved.

Dependents endorsed on a certificate must be present in the islands with legal status, and must not have entered as a visitor.

If granted, the applicant will have permission to work. Dependents will need a work permit or government stamp to work.