Undertaking and Investment in a Designated Public Sector Project - Fee $25,000
Immigration Regulations 13(2) (h)


A.You are of good character and in good health

Evidence Required:

  1. Police Certificate issued in the last six months, and
  2. Two character reference letters, and
  3. Medical certificate issued in the last six months.

B. Undertaking from the Governor

  1. Certificate of Undertaking issued by the Governor

C. You have made the following investment

  1. Not less than $1,000,000 contribution in a designated approved public sector project in the Islands.

Evidence Required:

  1. Cabinet Action Minute confirming approval for receipt of contribution in the named project.
  2. Treasury payment receipt and/or written confirmation of receipt of contribution from the Permanent Secretary Finance or a public officer designated by him/her.

Submission of Application
$150 Non-refundable

Certificate of Undertaking
$1,500 Non-refundable Application Fee 

PRC Application

$200 per dependent is refundable if doesn’t qualify or not approved.

If granted, the applicant will not have permission to work in the Islands. Dependents will need a work permit or government stamp to work.