The general public is hereby notified that the Elections Office along with the Ministry of Health through consultation with the political parties, independent candidates and public sector stakeholders have issued GENERAL ELECTIONS (COVID – 19) HEALTH PROTOCOLS – as guidelines under regulation 18 of the Public and Environmental Health (COVID-19)(Control Measures) Regulations 2021 to guide electors, candidates and poll workers during the upcoming General Election which is to be held on 19th February 2021.

Responses were received from the People’s Democratic Movement, the Progressive National Party and one independent candidate as well as the Human Rights Commission. A consensus emerged to split the Polling Day into three time slots for categories of electors. There was also consensus on extending the polling hours on Providenciales which was accepted as so the following times emerged:

Group Classification Providenciales All Other Islands
1 The vulnerable and other priority electors (excluding those in group 3) 7am to 9am 7am to 9am
2 Electors who are not in quarantine/isolation nor Covid-19 positive 9am to 6pm 9am to 4pm
3 Electors who are in quarantine/isolatiob (whether Covid-19 Positive or not) 6pm to 9pm 4pm to 7pm

The protocols/guidelines have been released to the voting public through members of the media and will be available on the government website under the “Latest News” tab.

I am happy that we were able to complete this very important piece of work and get it out to the general public so that all can be aware of the health and safety measures that will be in place for the General Election. The success of this year’s General Election will be based on how best we can follow the established protocols/guidelines to mitigate the risk of spreading the Covid-19, and at the same time operating effectively and efficiently at the polls. Strict adherence is expected.


Lister Dudley Lewis
Supervisor of Elections