The General Election Nomination Pack for Candidates for general election schedule for February 19, 2021 has been launched by the Supervisor of Elections and made available at the Elections Department Grand Turk and Providenciales on Monday January 25, 2021. 

The pack contains all the various items that every Candidate or Political Party will need to complete to ensure that they are correctly nominated and that they have met all of the necessary legal requirements to allow them to stand for election. 

It includes detailed guidance notes about the requirements and a helpful checklist so that Candidates can ensure that their nomination papers has been properly completed, including all of the other required forms that must be submitted to either the Returning Officer or the Supervisor. 

According to the election timetable, the Governor has issued the formal Writs for election. 

Section 83 of the Elections Ordinance Reprint showing the laws as at 14 December, 2020 provides that where anything required by that Ordinance to be done on any day falls to be done in Saturday, Christmas Day, Good Friday or any public holiday, that thing may be done on the next day, not being one of the excluded days. 

Therefore, the list of Candidates for each electoral district and for the All Island district nominated will be published on Monday February 1, 2021. 

The Supervisor said “although many people have come forward and said that it is their intention to stand for election, they cannot do so unless they have met all the requirements stated in the nomination pack and they must submit the correctly completed application by the deadline and pay the required deposit of five hundred dollars ($500.00). 

Any questions about the nomination pack should be directed to the Elections Office Pond Street Grand Turk or call Telephone 649-338-2304 or 649-246-7742. 


Lister Dudley Lewis 
Supervisor of Elections