In accordance with Section 28 of The Elections Ordinance Reprint showing the Law as of 14 December 2020, permits Candidates for general election to file voting symbols with the Supervisor. 

Section 28 (1) of the Ordinance stipulates “On or before the day fixed for nomination of Candidates under section 27, the secretary or other officer of a political party or an independent candidate may certify and file with the Supervisor a notice of request to use a particular voting symbol, which notice shall be in the form prescribed in the ordinance (Schedule 2). 

(2) Within forty-eight hours after the close of nomination the Supervisor may allot a voting symbol to each candidate in such election: Provided that the same symbol shall be allotted to each candidate of the same political party. 

(3) The allocation of voting symbols shall be at the discretion of the Supervisor, but in exercising such discretion due cognizance shall be taken of the duly notified desire of a political party or independent candidate to use a political symbol. 

Once a timely notice has been received within 48 hours after the close of Nomination, the Supervisor will allot a voting symbol. 

However, any notices received after Nomination Day will not meet with legislative timeline set out in section 28(1). 

The election ordinance gives the Supervisor, the discretion to allot voting symbols and he said “I will consider in good faith and give due regard to the desire of a political party or independent candidates to use a political symbol”. 


Lister Dudley Lewis 
Supervisor of Elections