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Turks and Caicos Islands Government

Deputy Permanent Secretary

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Job Code: CBB4-20-29
Posted On:
Closing On:
Friday, 16th October 2020
Friday, 30th October 2020
Department: Health, Agriculture and Human Services
Location: Various

Job Description:

Position Information

Deputy Permanent Secretary Appointment

Turks & Caicos Islands Civil Service

A vacancy has occurred for the role of Deputy Secretary. This is an important senior leadership role transforming the effectiveness and efficiency of public services, within a Ministry.  The successful applicant will be appointed to the most appropriate ministry.

Applicants will need to be TCI Belongers (citizens).  Applications are invited from anyone with relevant leadership and management experience.  Applications will be welcomed from current TCI civil servants with relevant experience, skills and potential without regard to current seniority.

Candidates need to be creative and strategic thinkers, with real leadership ability as well as a relevant level of financial understanding.  Change-oriented and with a record of getting things done through people, they will be persuasive communicators, orally and on paper, able to manage complex stakeholder relationships.  Above all they will be of unquestionable integrity, with the courage to insist on, and exemplify, the highest moral standards and behaviours.

See attached the candidate information which includes details on how to apply as well as the application form that must be completed by each applicant. This information can also be downloaded from TCIG’s website at or please apply by email to Human Resource Management Directorate (  (+1 649 338 3848)






The Role


The Person


Terms & Conditions


How to Apply and Appointment process



The Turks and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG) exists to serve all those who live in and visit the islands.

Her Majesty the Queen is Head of State.  His Excellency the Governor Nigel Dakin is the Queen’s representative.  The Attorney General, the Commissioner of Police and the Chief Auditor report direct to the Governor. The Deputy Governor is the Delegated Head of the Civil Service. Ministry Permanent Secretaries report to the Deputy Governor, and this role will report to the relevant Permanent Secretary.

The rest of the Public Service consists of a number of Ministries and publicly funded statutory bodies. 

The role of Deputy Permanent Secretary is a significant leadership appointment with wide-ranging responsibility for the policies and the delivery of services within their area of responsibility (‘their Command’).  Responsibilities will be wide-ranging, including the following:

  • Work with Ministers to develop the policies and priorities of their Command, and to ensure efficient and effective delivery;
  • Ensure the cost-effective and efficient delivery of public services;
  • Ensure proper governance and accountability for public funds;
  • Give legal and objective advice to Ministers;
  • Ensure that their staff operate at all times and in all circumstances within the letter and spirit of TCI law, and within the letter and spirit of TCI Government financial procedures, General Orders, and Codes of Conduct;
  • Be an effective member of the Ministry Board so that the Ministry can respond effectively and collaboratively so as to meet critical government priorities;
  • As a senior leader, provide a clear vision and effective leadership for their Command as part of a One-Ministry culture;
  • Promulgate and oversee actions to improve their Command’s capability in response to current and future challenges, including people development and succession planning;
  • Build credible relationships with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders critical to delivering their Command’s priorities, including other Government Ministries and other sectors;
  • (Subject only to the need for person-related and commercial confidentiality) clearly, openly and transparently explain and account for their Command’s actions and decisions, including via the media.
  • Substitute for their PS at meetings etc. when the PS is unavailable.

 The Person

Deputy Secretaries will need to be excellent leaders with the ability to discharge the responsibilities summarised in the previous section of this document.  This will require them to be able to:

  • work in a political setting – supporting Ministers to achieve their objectives and uphold the Civil Service values in a fast-moving and contested environment;
  • remain political neutral and all times and guard against and be successful from being influenced in any way by any and all political or other partisan pressure or opinion
  • account and be responsible for allocated public sector finances and financial control systems to ensure propriety in government accounting and that delivery services give value for money and are safeguarded against waste of resources
  • engage and influence key stakeholders at the highest level to deliver on the Government’s agenda;
  • be effective senior leaders who can define and clearly communicate the direction and priorities of the Ministry and their Command to all staff and internal and external stakeholders;
  • inspire, motivate and engage staff through personal example, to set and uphold high standards of behaviour and integrity;
  • participate and collaborate effectively with other senior officials and, when required, as a member of other working groups, committees and boards.

The post holder will accordingly need to show that they have, or have the ability to develop, the skills and qualities summarised below.

  • Strong, self-confident, inspiring, empowering and encouraging leadership
  • Energetic and action oriented – gets things done
  • Unquestioned personal integrity – with the courage to stand up for what is right, regardless of external pressure. Must show a strong moral compass.
  • Culturally sensitive and flexible – knows how to get things done in the particular context of Turks and Caicos Islands
  • Entirely free of bias in favour of, or against, any of the ethnic or other groups who live and/or work and/or visit TCI
  • Demands and maintains the highest standards of performance, efficiency and behaviour of themselves and others
  • Robust and able to defend a position in debate and maintain that position when under pressure or influence
  • Ability to manage poor performing staff without fear or favour
  • Creative and strategic thinker: thinks and plans long-term
  • Intellectually strong: able to think analytically and develop policy and solutions in a complex context
  • Good persuasive communicator, both orally and in writing: able to maintain a ‘presence’ under pressure
  • Effective manager of a diverse team within the public sector
  • Successful manager of complex stakeholder relationships

The Person

The post holder will ideally be able to demonstrate that they have previous experience in some of the following fields.

  • Demonstrable success in leading change in an organisation of relevant scale and complexity
  • Experience of successful financial management
  • Success in developing talent and building organisational capability
  • Experience of, or exposure to, policy development in a government context
  • Experience of, or exposure to, issues specifically relevant to the aims of the TCI Government
  • Understanding of information systems and technology

It is expected that the applicant would hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field and a minimum of 3-4 years’ experience in a senior Management role.

Terms and Conditions

The salary will be US$85,000.00 p.a. Employee’s National Insurance and National Health Insurance contributions (2.85% and 3% respectively) will be deducted from the salary which will be paid monthly.   There is no income tax in TCI.

It is intended that the post holder will be subject to rigorous performance management and will be appointed on renewable 3 year fixed term contracts terminating in 2023, subject to a probationary period of six months.   

You may subsequently be transferred to other Ministries at the discretion of the Deputy Governor after consulting the relevant Minister, H.E. the Governor, the post-holder and others.

The appointment will be subject to TCIG’s Public Service Ordinance, Public Service Handbook, Civil Service Code of Conduct, other relevant Ordinance, and other standard terms and conditions of employment.  Details are available from the Human Resources Management Directorate.

 The post holder will be barred from undertaking any political activity whatsoever, nor may they express any political views at any time during their period of appointment.

Post-holders may not have any other employment nor engage in any business activities unless, exceptionally, these are small scale, do not conflict with the post-holder’s responsibilities, and are approved in advance by the Deputy Governor.

Post-holders will be expected to work mainly in Grand Turk (GDT) but will be expected to visit Providenciales (PLS) at least once a week.  One return air fare (GDT-PLS-GDT or PLS-GDT-PLS) will therefore be provided for each week that post-holders are not on leave.  Other tickets will be provided (inc. to the Family Islands) as necessary for business travel only.

Details of appointees’ salaries and expenses may be entered on a public register and/or made available to the public in other ways. Post holder will be required to obtain and maintain a Certificate of Compliance issued by the Integrity Commission under section 32 (5) of the Integrity Commission Ordinance.

How to Apply and Appointment Process


These appointments are open to TCI Belongers (Citizens) only, whether or not they currently live in TCI.


Please apply by email to  

If you would like to discuss this opportunity further before deciding whether to apply, please contact Mr Mark Greenway, Director, Human Resources Directorate. ( To apply please complete the Application Form in typescript (Appendix 1 and available for download separately in Word format).   The application form should be supported by a personal CV/resumé, giving career details, achievements and qualifications.  Applicants should also provide details of two referees who may be contacted ahead of a short-listing decision, and supply a copy of the photo page of their current passport, and a current Police Certificate.

Since we will correspond with you by email and phone, please ensure that you provide us with an email address and phone numbers that you are happy for us to use for this purpose.  Please in particular include a cell/mobile phone contact number.


Please note that the closing date for applications will be midnight on Friday 30th October, 2020.  Late applications will be considered only in exceptional circumstances and entirely at the discretion of the selection panel.


The Turks & Caicos Islands Civil Service is committed to equality of opportunity and diversity in employment.

A disability or health problem does not preclude full consideration for the job, as any reasonable adjustments to the role will be explored. This information may need to be shared with the recruitment panel in order for them to consider any such adjustments.  Please inform us in your application what arrangements you might need in employment or in attending for interview.


The selection process will be conducted by a panel initially chaired by TCIG Deputy Governor.

Appointments will be made on merit through a fair and open process.                          

Applications will be acknowledged by Ms. Williams upon receipt.

After the closing date, the Panel will meet to review applications.  All applicants will then be informed by email of the outcome of their applications.  The candidates who most

How to Apply and Appointment Process

closely match the requirement will be invited to make a presentation to the Interview Panel, and subsequent interview. 

Following these interviews, the Panel will recommend the candidates who most closely match the required person specification (see previous section: “The Person”).

The Selection Panel reserves the right to vary this selection process if required in order to make robust and fair appointments.

The Appointments will be made by H.E. the Governor.


We aim to run a fair and open process.  If you have any complaint about the way that you have been treated, or believe that the process has been unfair, please contact Mrs Anya Williams, Deputy Governor, in the first instance; but if you are not then satisfied please address your complaint to the Chair of the Public Services Commission.


SALARY:   $85,000 per annum

Applications received after midnight on 30th October, 2020 may not be considered.