Managing Director
$ 76,112
Office of The Premier and Public Policy
Grand Turk Enhancement and Sustainability Agency
Grand Turk
The Managing Director of the GTESA will operate in a dynamic environment and will possess the necessary breadth of management expertise in financial, human resource, legal and planning issues to lead the Agency.

This position will function as the development leader amongst various technical, operational, legal and regulatory processes that are associated with project planning, implementation and development within the ambit of the Agency.
The Managing Director will be responsible to organize and monitor building, renovation and conservation works associated with the management of heritage sites like historic buildings, communities, landmarks, landscapes, museums, monuments and other properties.

The Managing Director will have broad remit, with responsibilities ranging from projects intended to preserve important sites, through to developing plans to maintain infrastructure that will display the Grand Turk community's cultural traditions.

The Managing Director will balance the preservation and rehabilitation of sites, with the need for income generation and business sustainability in prescribed areas of the island of Grand Turk.

The Managing Director should have an interest in/appreciation for heritage or museum studies, history or history of art.
Specific functions and responsibilities are:

1. To lead the day to day operations of GTESA through planning, organizing, coordinating, directing and controlling the functions of the Agency.
2. To lead the implementation of a five-year Strategic Plan.
3. To ensure that the Agency has a full complement of operating policies and procedures.
4. To recruit, supervise and motivate staff and volunteers.
5. To ensure the effective, efficient and economic use of human,financial and physical resources.
6. To identify appropriate projects and/or building sites to beundertaken by the GTESA.
7. To engage constructively with various government Ministries,other relevant organizations and various agencies and the private sector, both locally and internationally to support quality projects.
8. To provide input into the creation and control of the development budgets, construction cost, operational modeling and forecasting and for architectural plans and specifications.
9. To liaise with external agencies such as funding bodies, professional associations, other heritage organisations, tourist bodies and regional development agencies, to deliver co-funded and joint-venture projects to drive the objectives of the Agency.
10. To provide leadership to stakeholders managing projects on Grand Turk from concept planning phase through to design development and construction documents for permitting agencies within an agreed time frame based upon the approved construction pace schedule.
11. To conduct due diligence research and coordinate investigative reports required for acquisition of new real estate for future development.
12. To prepare and coordinate training and educational programs for specialists and interested persons in the Architectural heritage of the Salt Islands.
13. Adhere to code of conduct and all GTESA rules and regulations pertaining to the management of the Agency.
The Managing Director will be a proven leader who possesses a history of achievement in quality developments and possesses the following:

a. Undergraduate Degree, MBA preferred.
b. Minimum 15 years’ managerial experience.
c. Bottom-lined, hard-driving, bright business professional who is candid, perceptive, innovative and takes initiative.
d. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills including: ability to articulate ideas, both verbally and in writing; personable and outgoing in work relationships, both externally and internally; highly precise, detailed and self-organized; frank and candid during all business relationships.
e. Possess personal qualities of creativity and independence and most importantly, high levels of ethical and moral integrity.
f. Possess discipline as a manager and the ability to function within a well-organized, yet rigorous and demanding environment.
g. Ability to start from scratch.
The Managing Director will report to the Board of Directors of the Agency. The Board will set and the Managing Director will agree to the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the Agency.
The Managing Director will manage a team of not more than 10 persons.
To ensure efficiency, productivity and the success of the GTESA, the post holder will be expected to communicate and work collaboratively with the Board of Directors, management and staff of the GTESA, the wider Public Service and the community.

The post holder will be expected to develop strong working relationships with other professionals working within a variety of governmental ministries and departments as well as with stakeholders across the private and public sectors.

It is essential for the post-holder to establish effective working relationships with individuals at varying levels.
The Managing Director will have to manage the dual responsibilities of providing both challenge and support to the direct reports and project implementation teams. The Managing Director will work alongside and through government colleagues and delivery partners to achieve success in the implementation process.

The post holder must deal effectively with a wide range of stakeholders, including Ministers and other Members of Cabinet, and other senior decision-makers, managers and employees within the Public Service, as well as members of the private sector and the general public.
The Managing Director will inform and enable good decision-making so that the history of Grand Turk is valued and protected. The Managing Director will lead the GTESA team, creating the right environment to encourage fresh thinking, and an organizational culture that encourages relationships that support the GTESA in realising its goals and objectives.
The post holder will work in a quasi-open plan office space. Normal office conditions apply.

All applications must be submitted to