Project Architect
$ 53,193
Office of the Premier and Public Policy
Grand Turk Enhancement and Sustainability Agency
Grand Turk
The Project Architect is responsible for the design of GTESA architectural works on the island of Grand Turk, and is required to oversee and monitor their construction, and to conduct regular inspections to ensure quality assurance and quality controls procedures are maintained.
The successful delivery of projects is an important contributor to our continuous improvement. The post-holder will be part of a Team that delivers infrastructure and aesthetic improvements to the island of Grand Turk.
1. Design – Prepare architectural designs for GTESA works and projects or oversee designs undertaken through outsourcing.
2. Estimates – Authenticate the estimates presented for GTESA works and projects.
3. Tender Documents –Prepare and evaluate tender documents for various GTESA projects.
4. Oversee the entire project process from inception to completion to ensure quality control, adherence to budget, and deadlines.
5. Liaise and coordinate activities with contractors, suppliers and consultants providing services to GTESA.
6. Assist in carrying out land surveying.
7. Source and procure materials and specialised equipment for the various GTESA contracts.
8. Prepare reports for the Programme Manager.
9. Implement and maintain quality control procedures and standards.
10. Adhere to all rules and regulations governing the GTESA
11. Perform other related tasks as required.

• A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture/related field or equivalent Experience:
• A minimum of five (5) years’ experience in the architectural and construction field – i.e. architectural design projects, site management, quality control, tendering process, good command of the use of AutoCAD, and other Computer Aided Design programs.
• Good knowledge of architectural design and construction technology.
• High level of written and oral communication skills.
• Experience in project management and development.
• Knowledge of other computer software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, project management is required.
• Ability and commitment to work as a team and to achieve deadlines.
• Knowledge of sustainable, green building and technologies and practices would be an asset.
The post-holder receives strategic direction from the Managing Director and Programme Manager. He/she is expected to collaborate with other team members and to draw on his/her experience, research and initiative to deliver on the core responsibilities of the role. On a day to day basis, he/she will be expected to work independently with very little supervision and to prioritize his/her own work to meet tight and often competing deadlines. All deadlines, demands and expectations must be met in a timely manner.
The post-holder will interface with the internal project teams and third party supplier delivery teams. He/she will monitor, support and report on the performance of project teams, as well as external advisers and consultants from a variety of fields and areas of expertise.
The post-holder must work effectively with members of the Ministry of Physical Planning and Infrastructure Development (PIPD) and staff as well as having direct and regular interface with functionaries throughout Government and the Private Sector whilst carrying out the duties of this post.
The post holder works within the parameters established by GTESA and all governing laws, policies and procedures.

The post holder will take decisions on matters within the ambit of the principal accountabilities of the post.

The post holder operates under the direction of the Managing Director and Programme Manager is required to keep him/her apprised of key developments, risks or issues.
Must achieve a high level of knowledge of many different aspects of how the Government operates because GTESA is an arms-length body; and needs the ability to quickly assess and analyse business needs encompassing many disciplines and professional backgrounds. There is also the need be respected as a leader and to maintain high levels of professional knowledge and experience of fast changing technology and techniques.
Normal office working environment. However abnormal hours are worked in order to meet tight deadlines, and to implement system changes which must be done outside normal working hour.

Required to provide user/stakeholder support outside normal working hours.

All applications must be submitted to