Hon. Edwin Astwood

Hon. Edwin AstwoodNAME: Edwin Andre Astwood

DATE OF BIRTH:  August: 24, 1973

PLACE OF BIRTH: Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands


  • College of Arts, Science, & Technology- Diploma, Medical Technology
  • University of Technology – BSc. Health Sciences Management/Microbiology
  • Nova Southeastern University –Master of Business Administration

FAMILY: Single Parent –Two Daughters- Imani (13) and Ashia (7)


Hon. Edwin Astwood served in the House of Parliament as Minister of Health, Agriculture and Human Services from 2016 up to 2020.

On November 11, 2012, Edwin Astwood was elected to be the Member of Parliament for Grand Turk South & Salt Cay, after a hard –fought six month campaign. Edwin rose to prominence in the PDM Grand Turk Branch after delivering an inspiring presentation on a Master Plan Development for the island of Grand Turk. On December 15, Hon, Edwin Astwood was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Grand Turk South & Salt Cay, and on December 20, 2016 was appointed as the Minister of Health, Agriculture, & Human Services

Edwin Astwood is an independent-minded person, who is known for being unafraid to speak and hear truth when necessary, and is also known for delivering some strong and passionate performances on the floor of parliament, on issues of concern to the community. His values are strongly shaped by his expertise as a Health Professional and Human Resources Manager, and by his strong moral upbringing. While introverted by nature, Edwin mingles easily with others from all socio-economical, religious, ethnic, and political backgrounds, and is most comfortable addressing large crowds.

As a member of the Opposition, Hon. Astwood’s areas of special legislative interest have been in support for working families and single parents, juvenile justice, health care, environmental protection, infrastructure development and upgrading, unemployment and job creation, and the improvement of the economy of Grand Turk and Salt Cay. He has been a strong voice for an increase in the minimum wage. He was the lead sponsor of a Private Members Motion for the updating and enforcement of our public and environmental Health Laws, and for consideration of an increase in the country’s minimum wage.

Hon. Astwood has personally sponsored fourteen clean-up campaigns throughout the community in order to promote a healthier environment. He has also been a strong voice against the environmental and instrumental neglect of Grand Turk & Salt Cay.


Hon. Astwood is an active member of the Methodist Church. He is also a member of the Freemason’s Fraternity. He frequently volunteers in local youth, sports and community functions. Hon. Astwood has been the President of the TCI Commonwealth Games Association’s Weightlifting Association from 2009 to present. In addition, he volunteers his time in speaking to troubled youth of the community, and believes strongly in helping rather than incarcerating juveniles. The protection of Grand Turk & Salt Cay’s precious environment, from the beaches and coastal mangroves to the foothills and scrublands surrounding our community, is central to his vision.


Hon. Astwood had been employed in the Turks and Caicos Government Civil Service for seventeen years, 1994 -2012. The job posts he held include Laboratory Technician, Medical Technologist, Laboratory Manager, Health Services Manager, and Deputy Permanent Secretary to the Governor’s Office.


As a Member of Parliament he will continue to work to;

  • Improve the standards and reduce the cost of Health Services in the Turks & Caicos Islands
  • Address and minimize gaps in Health Care delivery.
  • Develop a system that works for all with NHIP coverage and the Treatment Abroad Policy.
  • Improve the infrastructure of Grand Turk & Salt Cay.
  • Fix all roads (major and minor) of Grand Turk & Salt Cay.
  • Improve and promote the tourism product of Grand Turk & Salt Cay.
  • Improve and promote youth development and sports development programs.
  • Advocate for Juvenile Justice Reform.
  • Fight for increase funding for senior citizen centers which include improvements in care delivery.
  • Implementation of measures for assisting in the creation of locally owned and operated businesses.
  • Improvement of sports and recreational parks and outdoor spaces.
  • Develop and support new programs that help protect the environment and legislation that deters pollution.