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The period in which a Birth Certificate can be issued is within 24-36 hours period beginning from the time the information was given. The prescribed fee for a Birth Certificate is in the amount of forty dollars ($40.00) and a stamp totaling eighty (80) cents. A receipt voucher will be issued upon request to be paid into the Government Treasury.  After the completion of the form, attach your (80) cents stamp and receipt to the form and submit.


All individuals or corporations wishing to engage in business activities in the TCI are required to carry a Business License. Annual fees for business licenses range from $100-$7500, depending on the type of business. There are currently 15 categories of business activities and over 200 fee classifications. 18 classifications are restricted and 90 classifications are reserved for Belongs or Turks and Caicos Islander controlled business.

The Business License application must be completed and turned in to the Revenue Department.

Any business engaged in several distinct activities must acquire a license for each appropriate category.

Business that require additional licenses for various activities such as liquor sales, need to go through separate channels to attain those licenses prior to commencement of operations.

In addition, Businesses whose employees need to be licensed, such as medical practitioners, need to ensure that their employees are appropriately licensed separate from their business license.

The Business License application is a four page form that must be completed and turned in to TCI Investment Agency.

  • All licenses expire on March 31, regardless of when they are obtained. Licenses Fees must be paid annually by April 1st
  • Businesses such as banking, insurance, and provision of corporate management require separate legislation and therefore have different forms and procedures.
  • There is a $50 fee for business name registration, unless the name is the name of the person or their initials.

Company Incoporation

  • Incorporation fees-$275 (company)
  • Annual registration fee-$250 (company)
  • Stamp Duty-0.2% on the transfer of a company’s shares but not less than $500 unless exempt to foreign company

Work Permits:

For the purposes of working in the Islands, there are two types of defined employment:

  1. Employed persons are those working for an employer under a contract of service or employer-employee relationship and include employees of the Government and apprentices.
  2. Self-employed persons are those persons who are gainfully occupied in the Islands otherwise than as employees, that is, persons working on their own account.

Individuals above the age of 18 are eligible to apply for a Work Permit in the islands. The permit allows for lawful residency and right to work within a restricted category within the islands.

  • Work permits can be renewed up to 3 times for unskilled and 5 times for skilled workers.
  • For first time permit holders, they must leave the country until such time as their permit is approved. For renewals, a work permit holder can continue to work during the renewal process under the same company/employer.
  • In the case of an owner/manager permit or self-employeed permit, a business license should be obtained first. Such a permit will not be issued without a valid business license.
  • A work permit entitles a person to work for one employer which applies for and endorses the employee. Spouses and children can be endorsed on work permits for skilled workers. Unskilled permits are prevented from including spouses or children.

Applications can be obtained from the Immigration department or online at

Several accompanying documents will be required along with the application submission including but not limited to the following items:

  • Local medical certificate obtained within six months;
  • Two passport sized photos;
  • Labour clearance;
  • Covering letter;
  • Copy of employer's passport showing photo page or in the case of a business, copy of business license and payment receipt;
  • Proof of legal status or proof of departure;
  • Required deposit (separate from work permit fee);
  • Police record (police records are not accepted from Haiti and Dominican Republic).

Fees for work permits vary depending on the type of permit ranging from $200 – $10,000

Temporary Residence Permits:

  • A TRP can be obtained by the Immigration department for those interested in residing in the islands without the right to work for a limited period of time, generally up to one-year.
  • Changeover from a TPR to a work permit is not permitted. Children up to age 18 and spouses can be endorsed on a TRP.
  • A Permanent Residence Permit can also be issued with or without the right to work, but is a one-time application.

Additional information for employers:

Every employer in the TCI is required to have a valid working contract for all employees.

The Labour Commission conducts periodic inspections of work environments to monitor compliance with the regulations of the TCI Labour Commission.


A Driver`s licenses is issued after successful completion of the written Exam and the Road Test.


  • The individual must be 17 years of age.
  • Must be in possession of a valid passport/birth certificate.


  • Must provide copy of passport/birth certificate.
  • Copy of work permit or copy of contract.
  • Persons under the age of 18 years must provide proof of endorsement on their parents/guardians work permit.

Driver`s licenses are issued for a period of 4 years expiring on the individual`s birthday of the fourth year after being issued.



  1. Photo Identification / Passport ID
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. From a Certificate of No-Impediment the Registry, Country/State where you reside
  4. Affidavit of Single Status (Office will provide form)
  5. Divorce Decree
  6. Death Certificate (if widow or widower) and, copy of Marriage Certificate verifying the marriage between the deceased Spouse and Declarant
  7. Two (2) Declaration Forms
  8. Application Form for Special License (Application form can be obtained from the Registrar General's Office or from any Marriage Officer)
  9. Copy of TCI Immigration Arrival and Departure Stamp
  10. Visitors and Tourist must be in the Turks and Caicos 48 hours before submitting Application
  11. Persons under the age of 21 years must have consent from parents of guardians
  12. Application Fee - $250.00
  13. All copies of documents must be notarized and sealed



  • Re. Reuben Hall
  • Rev. Richard Taylor
  • Fr. Lamuel Been
  • Fr. Mark Raymond Kendall
  • Bishop Austraham Hamilton
  • Pastor Tomlinson Skippings
  • Pastor Vernon O. Malcolm
  • Pastor Frederick Braithwaite
  • Pastor Dennis Swann
  • Pastor Peter Kerr
  • Pastor Solomon Altidor
  • Pastor Oscar Talbot
  • Pastor Mary L. Forbes
  • Evangelist Marilyn Forbes
  • Pastor Richard Garland
  • Evangelist Ruth Ariza
  • Rev. Fr. Basil Lek
  • Rev. Mark Christmas
  • Rev. Chad Archibold


  • Rev. Calvert James Hamilton
  • Rev. Samuel G. Williams
  • Rev. Willard Smith
  • Rev. Fuller Gardiner
  • Rev. Winston Gardiner
  • Pastor Shirley Smith
  • Pastor George Christopher Forbes


  • Rev. Samuel G. Williams
  • Rev. Calvert James Hamilton


  • Rev. John Malcolm
  • Pastor George Fulford
  • Pastor Clayton Harris
  • Pastor Alexander Minott
  • Pastor Nicolas Maurice Pierre
  • Pastor Rodney Calvin Fox


  • Patricia Ann Simmons - Marriage Registrar
  • George James Oates - Marriage Registrar


  • Rev. Derek Hamilton
  • Rev. Derek Browne
  • Rev. Daniel H. Delancy
  • Rev. E.Conrad Howell
  • Fr. Peter Baldachinno
  • Fr. Edward G. Klybus
  • Bishop Clarence N. Williams
  • Bishop C.Alexander Williams III
  • Bishop Usril A. Morris
  • Pastor Leslie S. Myers
  • Pator Wayde Coleby
  • Pastor McDonald Stubbs
  • Pastor Pedro S. Williams
  • Pastor Bradley D. Handfield
  • Pastor Reuben S. Johnson
  • Pastor Florencio Zabala
  • Pastor Tom Rigby
  • Pastor James Williams
  • Pastor Uriel Emanuel Dean
  • Heusen Handfield - Marriage Registrar
  • Cheryl Astwood - Marriage Registrar
  • Emmanuel Missick
  • Delores C. Connolly - Marriage Officer
  • Sandra E. Garland - Marriage Officer
  • Evangelist Claudette Basden
  • Catechist Arthur Wesley Hamilton
  • Rev. Sherlock Henderson Padmore
  • Pastor Uriel Emanuel Dean
  • Fr. Bruno Sammarco
  • Pastor Solomon Morency
  • Pastor Felix Guzman Fabian
  • Pastor Dale Lyndon Taylor
  • Pastor Line Francois
  • Ricardo Don-Hue Gardiner - Marriage Registrar
  • Rev. Cecil Arlington Newbold
  • Rev. Andrew Anthony Stone
  • Pastor Colin A.G. Sterling
  • Pastor Hoplyn Leovin Parker
  • Pastor Wesley Wiberforce Missick
  • Pastor Francisco Padua




The Turks and Caicos Islands passport is a British passport issued to British Overseas Territories citizens with a connection to the Turks and Caicos Islands.


From 12 August 2013, the application process will be centralised and British nationals in the Turks and Caicos Islands should submit their passport application to Her Majesty’s Passport Office in the UK. This change will not affect those applying for British Overseas Territories Citizen passports, who should continue to submit their applications to the Ministry of Border Control and Labour.

This important change follows reviews by the UK National Audit Office and is designed to achieve economies of scale, greater security and consistency in decision making.   All British passports have enhanced sophisticated security features designed to reduce the likelihood of identity theft and passport fraud.

All information required to make an application for a British passport can be found at

Before 12 August, British nationals living in the Turks and Caicos Islands submitted passport applications to a regional processing hub in Washington, United States.  From 12 August, information on the UK Government website will advise British nationals on the new passport application process.

All the information required to make an application will be found at Applicants will be required to send their applications to the Passport Customer Service Centre in Durham.  There will be no change to processing times.

Fees charged to British nationals applying overseas are based on the current costs of providing the service. As overseas volumes are much less than UK volumes it is harder to gain efficiencies overseas.

That is why we have taken the decision to repatriate the issuing of passports to British nationals overseas to the UK.  Once this has been completed Her Majesty’s Passport Office will be seeking to create closer alignment between the two sets of fees.


If you live in the Turks and Caicos
You may apply in person at your local police station. There is a fee of US$15 ($10 in stamp fees and $5 in processing fees).

If you live outside the Turks and Caicos
You can apply for a police certificate by writing directly to the police headquarters (see address below). Include the following documents with your request:

  • a copy of the bio-data page of your passport;
  • your passport page showing any Turks and Caicos immigration stamps, including entry stamps as evidence that you were living in the Turks and Caicos;
  • a copy of any immigration status you had at the time of residence (work permit, resident status or citizenship); and
  • US$15 ($10 in stamp fees and $5 in processing fees).

You can obtain a form by writing to:

Police Headquarters 
Church Folly Road
Grand Turk 
Turks and Caicos Islands
Telephone: 649-946-2371

Fax: 649-946-2099


Effective November 1, 2013.

Visitor's Visas 
•    for a single entry visitor’s visa -$150
•    for a one year multiple entry business visa - $500
•    for a student visa - $300

In addition a non-fundable application fee of $100 ispayable.

There is also now provision for:
•    a seaman’s visa - $300
•    and a visa for a person to attend a charitable, sporting or religious event -$25
All applicants must satisfy the Department of Immigration that they are genuine visitors, that they will not engage in an occupation and that they will leave the Islands at the end of the stipulated period.

Endorsement of Spouse and/or Child on Work Permits
•    for a spouse - $500
•    for each child - $500

Residence Permit for Spouse of a Turks and Caicos Islander (Belonger)  
•    for the spouse - $500
•    for the endorsement of each child -$300

Temporary Work Permits
•    For groups performing at commercial entertainment events - $250 per member 
•    For groups performing at religious, charitable or civic events - $25 processing feeing
•    In all other cases the fee remains $700
Employed and Self Employed Work Permits
•    To apply for an extension or renewal of a work permit by a self- employed person or employed person, regulations have been introduced to require that such applications                                   must be made at least 30 days before the expiration of the existing permit.
•    If the application is made after the expiry of the work permit, a penalty fee of $250 shall apply.
•    Where a request is made for the processing of an application for a work permit within 7 days of making the application, a fee of $500 is payable.