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Query 1:
We understand that you refer to Urban Solid Waste USW, is it? if not, specify
From each dump site, please supply information regarding the origin of the USW, components (Characterization) and quantity.

Urban Solid Waste (USW) or municipal solid waste is collected from residential, commercial and industrial premises. Currently, the waste composition is made up of: mix waste (paper, plastic, food waste, textiles, glass etc.), green waste (tree cuttings, grass, leaves etc.), metals, sewage, used oil, medical waste, coarse aggregates, wood, and tires. At the landfill sites, waste is characterized and separated as mix waste, green waste, scrap metals, sewage, old tires and medical waste.

Query 2:
Apart from the investment that will be done, we understand that currently there is machinery and equipment on the dump sites, would these be transferred to the contractor? If this is the case, please give details of them for each dump site. Please send the georeferenced and area of each dump site.

The equipment present at the landfills is temporarily rented by the Department. The Turks and Caicos Islands Government (TCIG) does not own any machinery to be handed over to the contractor. Clause 2a of the Terms of Reference provides a recommended list of equipment to carry out the works. Please note that this list is not exhaustive. Tenderers would be required to provide a list of all equipment to be used on this projects according to the requirements of APPENDIX 1: TENDER EVALUATION CRITERIA.

Query No. 3:
What is the capacity and status of the existing cells for each dump site? We understand that the process is for taking control of the current dump sites and their transformation into landfills, is it?

The Grand Turk site currently has one (1) existing cell. The Providenciales site has three (3) existing cells; one is the current active working phase and the other two have been covered and disused. Each cell is approximately 100 x 100 feet. The current method of excavating cells is the Area Method due to high groundwater table of the islands. The facilities are not open dump sites but are indeed landfills which are covered and compacted daily. This Invitation to Tender (ITT) is seeking proposals for the full operations and management of the sites as well as improvement of its current state to becoming more environmentally friendly and sustainable, using more modern methodologies.

Query No. 4:
We understand this refers to the material supply, such as containers or bags and collection material for the USW when it is taken to be disposed in the landfill, it's like that? Keeping the paved areas and site clean of debris.

Yes, it would be the basic requirement. As vehicles enter and exit the landfill there will be littering along the road and areas around the landfill, it would be the contractor’s responsibility to ensure that litter is picked up daily and any debris found around the landfill perimeters (from waste pickers) be removed. Also as waste is deposited and compacted it is likely that some waste will be scattered from the immediate working area. If wind speed is high, the problem will be exacerbated and waste may be spread over a wide area. This will result in the area being untidy which would raise concerns with management and problems with public perception. Scattering should therefore be minimized by the use of portable litter fences around the working area.

Query No. 5:
We understand it is the connectivity to the existing services (Internet, Communications, Energy, water supply and sewage system)

The contractor would be responsible for the connectivity to these services whether new or existing and all associated costs.

Query No. 6:
Please confirm if this point refers to an estimate of the behavior of the amount of waste to be received on the first three months for each dump site, or refers to observing the behavior of the dump sites during the first three months of operation, to carry out a future projection of the dump sites. We understand it refers to the latter.

At present the Department is able to approximate the incoming waste quantities at the Providenciales landfill site due to the presence of the weighbridge. There is no weighbridge at Grand Turk. Therefore, accurate quantities are needed for planning and predictions of future trends. It would be the responsibility of the contractor to provide this information in their monthly/quarterly reports. The contractor would be required to accurately calculate the waste quantities for the first three (3) months in order to carry out future projections. Observing the behavior of the dump site will only provide qualitative information and is only one (1) part of the assessment. A numerical figure would be needed to quantify the operation.

Query No. 7:
“Clarify the dimensions of the box”, we understand that the proposal shall be submitted in folio paper size, printed on one side, letterheaded by the company, in a sealed envelope, without identification of the proponent, is this right?

Confirm time and date from which it is possible to file the proposal.

We understand that, since it is an essential public service, all the equipment, machinery, supplies, tools and other necessary utensils for the proper operation of landfills are free of taxes and tariffs, if not, please indicate rates, taxes and tariffs to be applied.

For the qualified workforce, as well as management and administration will be mainly foreign labor, we understand that the granting of the required work licenses will be guaranteed, at no cost to the contractor.

The instructions to Tenderers outline the requirements for tender submissions including the dimensions of the tender box. Turks and Caicos Islands duties and custom processing fees do not apply. The work permits are not granted by Environmental Health nor the Ministry of Health, Agriculture, Sports and Human Services.

Query No. 8:
We understand that a supplier is not a subcontractor, is this right?

Since a new firm was created to submit this tender, there is no financial history on the island, we understand that a bank certification meets this requirement, is this right?

We understand that the requested guarantee must be submitted after the tender has been awarded, what is the time in which this requirement must be met? Can a bank reserve be established in favor of the island’s government for 2? 5% for the first year of the contract, renewable, in order to meet the requirement?

Following the contract award notification, the preferred bidder would be required to submit the requested guarantee prior to the contract execution. Tenderers are required to satisfy the requirements of the Tender Evaluation Criteria and provide all information to support these requirements.

Query 9:
Taking into account that the tender requires the license for the company and that for that reason, a new company was established in T&C, we understand that the experience of the management team meets the requirements of experience in execution of this type of projects? Logically the experiences thus demonstrated are open to scrutiny and can be verified and visited if the government of the island considers so.

As stated in APPENDIX 1: TENDER EVALUATION CRITERIA, tenderers should submit the equivalent information of the home country. The bidder is required to meet the requirements of the ITT.

Query 10:
The equipment will be leased or rented, whatever is most convenient for the project, taking into account the tender’s specifications and any additional ones that may be required. We understand that with the technical data sheets and the description of the equipment to be used, this requirement is met. Is this right?

Tenderers would be required to provide a list of all equipment to be used on this projects according to the requirements of APPENDIX 1: TENDER EVALUATION CRITERIA and other information stated in this section.

Query 11:
We understand that presenting an economic proposal at all costs, which includes the total value of the investments for the service to be provided, in the technical terms and scope described in the tender, meets this requirement, without the need to break down the costs, is this right?

As stated in APPENDIX 3: TENDER RESPONSE FORM a detailed costed financial proposal including a breakdown of all costs must be submitted. The Turks and Caicos Islands Government will not be responsible for unforeseen additional costs that were not included in the financial proposal. The breakdown of cost needs to be detailed showing all information for transparency and validation.

Query 12:
We want to suggest that the minimum duration of the contract be 1 year and that an early termination clause shall be included.

We want to suggest that the duration of the contract be 5 years, to encourage greater investments in reconversion.

All comments by the tenderer should be submitted as per the requirement (Item No. 13) of the Appendix 1: Tender Evaluation Criteria. Pages 20-22 of the ITT.


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