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The Lands Division, is the principal arm of the Turks and Caicos Islands Government which oversees land administration and management activities.

It has responsibility for ensuring efficient and effective administration and sustainable management of available land resources. It is also the core responsibility of the Division to provide effective and efficient service delivery to the general public. We are responsible for providing policy direction, national standards and coordinating all matters concerning lands, including allocation, administration and registration of land instruments

The Lands Division was established in 2012 and is a result of the Turks & Caicos Government Public Sector Reform Programme.  Its purpose is to ensure that the land resource is used in an efficient and responsible way to achieve the sustainable development of the Islands.

The Lands Division falls under the auspices of the Attorney General’s Chambers and comprises of four main departments; the Crown Land Unit, Survey & Mapping Department, Valuation Department and the Land Registry. By merging the various land functions under a single umbrella it is envisioned that the delivery the services of the various departments will be more efficient.

Our Vision

To be a modern land management agency that puts customers and quality at the heart of the services offered.

Our Mision

To facilitate improvement in the quality of life of all Turks and Caicos Islanders through professional, transparent and efficient administration, equitable access, secure tenure and sustainable management of our land resources.

Core Business Functions

Crown Land Unit

Crown Land Unit

  • Management and administration of all Crown lands
  • Allocation and divestment of Crown land by sale, lease, license, easement, etc.
  • Approval for extensions of lease, change of user and subdivision schemes
  • Enforcement services to control unauthorized occupation
  • Generation and collection of land revenue and other charges
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Land Registry

Land Registry

  • Registration of land transaction
  • Arbitration of land and boundary disputes
  • Collection of stamp duty, conveyancing and other land transaction fees/charges
  • Custody, maintenance and updating of index of proprietor
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Survey & Mapping

Survey & Mapping

  • Administers the Land Survey Ordinance
  • Maintenance plans for property boundaries in support of the Land Registry
  • Maintenance and storage of all survey records.
  • Review survey plans for compliance with Land Surveyors Act
  • Establishes and maintains survey control points for surveying, mapping and database
  • Maintenance and provision of cadastral and geographical data in digital form.
  • Survey Crown lands or private lands for acquisition
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  • Assessment of stamp duties
  • Compensation payable on compulsory acquisition by Government
  • Land sale
  • Rent payable and receivable by Government
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Land Division Structure

The management structure of the Division is organised as follows:

The Honourable Attorney General is effectively the head of the Lands Division and advises the Governor and Cabinet on all land matters.

Commissioner is the next to the Honourable Attorney General in the hierarchy. The Commissioner has strategic oversight of the four departments of the Division. The Commissioner checks and reviews all information going to the Attorney General Chambers, and from the Chambers to ensure compliance to statutory regulations and guidelines. To enable the Division to carry out its functions effectively, the each department is headed by Directors or Heads of Department. All the services of the various departments of the Ministry are interlinked in its service delivery to clients.

Land Division Structure