The Ministry of Finance, Investment and Trade is primarily charged with the responsibility of effectively and efficiently managing the Government's financial resources, by providing proactive and sound policy analysis, and advice on all fiscal, economic and development initiatives.

It is charged with the responsibility of administering the statutes regarding public finances in an efficient and equitable manner that seeks to protect the country’s financial resources by ensuring revenue compliance and adherence to financial instructions regarding expenditure commitments. Thus the development and management of the Governments’ Budget forms a major aspect of the Ministry's functions as well.

The rebranded Ministry of Finance, Trade and Tourism also oversees all matters related to the promotion of Trade, Investment, Civil Aviation and Industry; facilitating the sustainable development of the Turks and Caicos Islands, by working to promote the development of a trade industry that is economically, culturally, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Our Vision

To create a stable macroeconomic environment that fosters the growth and development of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Our Mission

To oversee and carry out the implementation of the country’s economic and fiscal policies by providing strong financial leadership and sound professional advice on all aspects of financial management undertaken by the Government.

To facilitate the sustainable development of the TCI and improved welfare of residents by working in partnership with Investment, Trade and Aviation Authorities to continue to build and promote their industries to the highest standards.

Our Values and Objectives

1. Openness/Transparency

- To ensure that the Government finances are managed consistent with the principles of openness and transparency:

Whereby the budget is presented and debated in an open forum and the public is kept informed of the finances of the country through the publication of the annual budget and the publication of financial management reports on the government website and in the Gazette on a quarterly basis.

2. Accountability

- To ensure that the rules of Public Financial Management are adhered to and that value for money is achieved in transacting business on behalf of the Government;

- To ensure that Accounting Officers/ Financial Managers act honestly, with integrity and professionalism in the management of the country’s finances.

3. Fairness

- To ensure that the Government contracts are awarded in an open and transparent manner that gives all interested and qualified parties equal access to the opportunity to work with or provide services to the Government through the use of the Procurement Board.

4. Sustainability

- To build sound fiscal, strategic and development policies that would facilitate the growth and development of the TCI and ensure the well being of its people.

5. Stellar Service

- To provide the Government and the people of the Turks and Caicos with a stellar service that is able to cater to the demands of the ministries and departments and also the public through the:

- Production and management of the country’s: budget; revenue collection systems and expenditure management and payment systems.

- Management of the airport and port throughout the islands.

- Promotion of the islands locally and overseas.

Our Management Team

  • Chief Financial Officer - Mr. Stephen Turnbull
  • Permanent Secretary - Ms. Athenee Harvey
  • Deputy Secretary - Mr. Arthur Been
  • Accountant General - Mr. Arnold Ainsley
  • Treasury Advisor - Mr. Cyprian Camray
  • Budget Director -
  • Budget Office Technical Assistant - Robert Hawkins
  • Revenue Commissioner - Ms Cynthia Castillo
  • Collector of Customs - Mr. Stuart Taylor
  • Chief Economist - Dr. Ubaldus Raymond
  • Senior Economist - Mrs. Kathleen Forbes
  • Chief Statistician - Mr. Shirlen Forbes
  • Director of Investment - Rebecca Astwood
  • Revenue Counsel - Mr. Richard Been
  • Human Resource Secretariat - Mrs. Verneice Selver
  • CEO – Invest Turks and Caicos – Mr. John Rutherford
  • CEO - TCI Airports Authority - Mr. John Smith
  • CEO – Civil Aviation - Mr. Thomas Swann
  • CEO – TCI Ports Authority - Mr. Derek Been (Acting)
  • CEO – TCI National Insurance Board - Mr. Colin Heartwell
  • CEO – Invest Turks and Caicos – Mr. John Rutherford

Ministry of Finance, Investment and Trade Structure