Dental Health Department


To provide and ensure high quality oral health services to all sectors of the population in the Turks and Caicos Islands, by promoting oral health awareness, through cost effective, efficient preventative and curative dental procedures and rehabilitation in collaboration with other health care providers.

Dental History

Dr. Donald Oliver Astwood founded the dental department in 1926, becoming the first Chief Dental Officer and the first local professional Dentist in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Dr. Donald Astwood served until 1971 before handing the department over to his son Dr. Leopold Astwood.

Dr. Leopold Astwood. who became the second local to take up the post of Chief Dental Officer. Dr. Leopold Astwood served from 1971 until 1998 before retiring; he now resides in Grand Turk.

Dr. Donald Oliver Astwood
Dr. Donald Oliver AstwoodChief Dental Officer
1926 - 1971
Dr. Leopold Astwood
Dr. Leopold AstwoodChief Dental Officer
1971 - 1998
Dr. Poornachandra Revanna
Dr. Poornachandra RevannaChief Dental Officer
1998 - 2004
Dr. Leebert Wright
Dr. Leebert WrightChief Dental Officer
2004 - 2005
Dr. Sonia Perez
Dr. Sonia PerezChief Dental Officer (Acting)
2005 - 2007
Dr. Janice Baron
Dr. Janice BaronChief Dental Officer
2007 - 2012
Dr. Jameiko J. Harvey
Dr. Jameiko J. HarveyChief Dental Officer
2012 – 2019
Dr. Janice Baron
Dr. Janice BaronChief Dental Officer
2020 - present

Dental Services

  • The Division of Dental Health is responsible for the planning, developing, coordinating and delivering Dental Health Services throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands.
  • Ensuring that services are accessible to all residents on the islands.
  • Monitoring oral diseases and reducing the incidence and prevalence of Dental Disease.
  • Formulating policies in an ever-changing environment, so as to deliver high quality and comprehensive dental services to all.

Special Programs that are on-stream within the Government Dental Clinics include

  • School Dental Health Program (School children 0-18 yrs)
  • Her Majesty Prison Program
  • Wellness Center Program
  • Ante-Natal & Post-Natal Program
  • Oral Health Promotion Programs (radio & television)
  • SNAP Center Program
  • The Dental Division is guided by the Turks & Caicos Islands Medical Ordinance

Dental Fees

Services Cost NHIP Card Without NHIP Card
Oral Examination $5:00 $5:00 $20:00
Dental Cleaning $5:00 $5:00 $20:00
Preventative Restorative Care $5:00 $5:00 $20:00
Dental Extraction $15:00 $15:00 $40:00

Dental Clinics

There are two main Dental clinics on the islands, one in Grand Turk, located in the Cockburn town Medical Center and one at the Cheshire Hall Medical Center in Providenciales. There are five satellite clinics located in South Caicos , North Caicos , Middle Caicos and Salt Cay. In general, these clinics serve the population of the Turks and Caicos Islands, with the majority of the population living on the island of Providenciales, additional Basic Dental Services are delivered via a Mobile Dental Unit.

Contact Information / Hours of Operation

Dental Clinics Location Telephone
Cockburn Town Medical Center Grand Turk Gov't. Dental Clinic (649) 338-3483 / (649) 338-3484
Cheshire Hall Medical Centre Providenciales Gov't. Dental Clinic (649) 338-5133 / (649) 338-5134
Bottle Creek Primary Health Clinic Dental Clinic North Caicos (649) 338-3050
Kew Primary Health Clinic Dental Clinic North Caicos (649) 338-3050 / (649) 946-7397
Alcida Hall Health Center Middle Caicos Gov't. Dental Clinic (649) 946-6145
Salt Cay Health Clinic Salt Cay (649) 232-6970
South Caicos Primary Health Clinic South Caicos  (649) 232-3216

All Government Dental Clinics operate between the hours of 8:00 am-4: 30 pm on weekdays and close on weekends and public holidays.

Dental Department Calendar of Events

  • Oral Health Month (October annually)