Emergency Medical Services

What is Emergency Medical Service?

Emergency medical service (EMS), is a pre- hospital care whose purpose is to respond quickly to emergency situation regarding medical issues, traumatic injuries and accident scenes.

Provisions by the Department

This service has provide and will continue to provide for the community for many years. Some of these provisions are:

  • Treatment
  • Assessment of patients
  • Transports (dialysis, medevac and shut-ins)
  • Community out reach ( teaching cpr, splinting, etc)

Hours of Operation

This operations runs 24/7,meaning any time you or anyone that you know is in need all.you have to do it call 911 and we will be there.

Contact Information

If anyone has a problem reaching 911 , you can call the following numbers:

TCIG NEMS Department

Main Office Contact: (649) 941-7592

Grand Turk Ambulance Division

Unit Mobile Contact: (649) 232-3138

Providenciales Ambulance Division

Unit Mobile Contact: (649) 232 3139

South Caicos Ambulance Division

Unit Mobile Contact: (649) 232-2861

North Caicos Ambulance

Unit Mobile Contact: (649) 232-6827

List of Staff

These are the names of the men and women that trained and dedicated their time to.make sure that whatever the emergency is you will get the best of care.

Grand Turk Ambulance Division

Providenciales Ambulance Division

South Caicos Ambulance Division

North Caicos Ambulance Division

Renande Charles (AEMT)

D`Angelo Francis

Shadae Francis (AEMT)

Grushinka Seymour(AEMT)

Katrisa Prospere (AEMT)

Ajahmek Fitz-Henley



Jean Tadeus (AEMT)

Hugh Green (AEMT)



Lacey-Ann Davis (AEMT)

Kahlil Barnett (AEMT)


David Smith (EMR)

Bendy Francis (EMT)



Steven Been (EMR)

Jumaine Jackson (EMT)



Marlon Malcom (EMR)

Kyle Brooks (EMR)



Robert Butterfield (EMR)

Stevenson Mayham (EMR)



Special Programs

The EMS department offers many programs that helps educate the public so that instead waiting on someone to come to save a life , they can help by giving firsthand experience they have to help assist the emergency medical technicians. Some of.these programs are:

  • First aid
  • First aid and CPR training - this is now.being taught in every primary and high schools

News / Health Promotions

Emergency Medical Services provide promotions when it comes to the public health. Such promotions are:

  • Hand hygiene
  • Foot hygiene etc