Strategic Areas and Priorities

  1. As the first ever Strategic Plan for the Turks and Caicos Islands Complaints Commission, the Plan must contain a long term vision that will hold at least six (6) years.
  2. This plan requires circulation to all Government Ministries, Statutory Boards and Bodies, All Media Outlets, posting in well know public places for best results.
  3. The operation of the Complaints Commission demands the development of sustainable regulations, continuous staff training. (to be identified)
  4. Since this Strategic Plan is being created from scratch, frequent evaluation and updating will be required to operate on a basis of effectiveness, efficiency and quality of service.
  5. To guarantee sustained operation and continuous quality improvement it may be necessary to extend this first plan beyond the 2 years’ constitutional term of the Ombudsman thereby allowing for a smooth transfer to the successor.

With a view to establishing, sustaining, maintaining and improving the performance of the Complaints Commission and meeting the expectations of the public, five key strategic areas, goals and outcomes have been identified for the next two to six years.

Awareness Raising and Accessibility

Because of the importance of the Complaints Commission it is necessary that much is known about the Commission and it functions. It will be of utmost importance that people are able to access the Commission for redress when they are aggrieved by Government and its entities. Of the same importance is that those who reach the Ombudsman with their complaints will obtain redress. For optimal use of the Commission the public need to know about the Institution, its functions and mandate and it should be accessible to the Islands population.

Efforts should also be made to establish, maintain and improve the response time in redressing public complaints. Improving Complainants response time will improve public perception of the Commission and make its purpose appreciated.

Objective 1: Ensure a high level of awareness of the services the Complaints Commission and how these services can be accessed, improve service delivery and people’s perceptions of the Office and strengthen complaint handling.

Outcome 1: Public Awareness of the existence of the Commission, its mandate and accessibility is established and increased.

Objective 2: Ensure a high level of awareness of the guardian role of the Ombudsman of the Constitution


The credibility of the Complaints Commission depends on its Impartiality, Independence and Neutrality. The guiding principles of the Ombudsman can be defined as CONFIDENTIALITY, NEUTRALITY, INDEPENDENCE and INFORMALITY. The Institution honors and adheres to these principles continuously.

Objective: Maintain the Independence of the Complaints Commission in the investigation of Complaints as well as being the guardian of the Constitution.

Outcome: Independence of the Complaints Commission in the implementation of its mandate is maintained.

Capacity Building and Resource Mobilization

The Complaints Commission at this moment is staffed with four, consisting of

  • Complaints Commissioner (Ombudsman)
  • Administrative Officer
  • Senior Investigative Officer
  • Investigative Officer

The Commission is funded by the Turks and Caicos Islands Government. No doubt, funding is expected to continue.

Objective: Strengthen the institutional capacity of the Complaints Commission to execute its tasks effectively and efficiently.

Outcome: Institutional Capacity may need to be strengthened and resources strategically mobilized for effective and efficient functioning.


Protecting the rights of the people demands cooperation and coordination with strategic interest groups, especially Civil Society. Linkages with all Government Ministries, Statutory Boards, Media Outlets, Religious Organizations, Regional and International Ombudsman is necessary, such linkages will cause the sharing of good ideas and practices that would help the success of our Commission. The Commission will strengthen relationships with the Human Rights Commission, Integrity Commission and all other bodies protecting the rights of the people. These relationships should go beyond the shores of our Islands, to include regional and other sister Institutions worldwide.

Objective: Establish and maintaining constructive relationships with the community, Government and Government Agencies, Human Rights Institutions and other national and international stakeholders in the observance of the rule of law.

Outcome: Networking and collaboration with Government and (non) Government agencies and other national and international stakeholders are enhanced and maintained.


Establish cultures and traditional practices, conducts and behaviours might threaten human rights and conflict with proper rule of law. It can be assumed that the Complaints Commission will continue to be faced with the task of dealing with delicate and sensitive case of maladministration and injustice.

Objective: Promote proper care and administrative justice, prevent and reduce corrupt practices and abuse of administrative and legislative powers; promoting high standards of integrity in Government and Government Agencies.

Outcome: Policy impediments and administrative short comings eliminated as well as proper policies and procedures established.