The Premier and Minister of Finance, Investment and Trade Honourable Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson as Chair of the Capital Board, Minister for Education, Youth, Culture, Social and Library Services, Hon. Karen Malcolm and Executive Director for the Office of the Premier, Local Government and Community Affairs, Ronlee James visited the island of North Caicos on Monday, 21 September to review the progress of a number of ongoing and completed government projects advanced under the Capital Programme and the Community Enhancement Programme. 

The following are ongoing and upcoming capital projects in North Caicos: 

  1. Construction of Promenade/Boardwalk and Craft Market for Bottle Creek – these works include the construction of the Craft Market, Sisal Museum, café, restrooms, promenade and communal areas. Completion of the project is scheduled for October 2020. 
  2. Specialist Classroom for Adelaide Oemler Primary School - demolition works are complete. Overall completion of the project is scheduled for January 2021.  
  3. Basketball Courts Raymond Gardiner High School - overall completion of the project is scheduled for October 2020. 
  4. Community Roads – currently out to tender. 
  5. Technical Block for Raymond Gardiner High School – currently out to tender. 

Previously completed under the Capital Programme was the Community Clinic in Bottle Creek, phase two (2) of the Agriculture Development Project and refurbishment and improvement works to the Raymond Gardiner High School under the Schools Infrastructure Project phase one. 

Premier Robinson as Minister of Finance has responsibility for the Ports Authority where important projects were commissioned: 

  1. Navigational lights were installed to aid boaters during night journeys. 
  2. The long outstanding environmental impact assessment in relation to the Sandy Point Channel and surrounding area was commissioned and completed. 
  3. Important dredging works in the Sandy Point Channel was approved for tender and currently temporary works are being carried out to give immediate relief. 
  4. Funds were allocated for the Belle Field Landing clean up. 
  5. Funds were allocated for the Belle Field Landing Welcome Center – soon to be released for tender. 

Over $75,000 was invested in the communities of North Caicos through the Community Enhancement Programme launched under the Office of the Premier, Local Government and Community Affairs. This programme facilitated the following: 

  1. The upgrading and beautification of various parks and communal areas on the Island of North Caicos including improvements to Casuarina Gardens and Hollywood Park; installation of benches, children’s play equipment, domino tables, inspirational quote and welcome signs. 
  2. A bathroom facility was built at the basketball court in Kew, North Caicos. 
  3. Signage - beach access, settlement and warning signs were erected throughout the communities. 

The Office of the Premier, Local Government and Community Affairs are committed to the beautification of all communities throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands and therefore will continue efforts to enhance the community of North Caicos through the reinforcement of the bleachers at the Kew Basketball Court, the installation of benches, children’s play equipment at the Jacob Williams Park and the continued erection of street naming signs, installation of lights and planting of foliage throughout the various communities. 

The Community Enhancement Programme although geared toward the beautification and enrichment of TCI’s communities, it also focuses on providing job opportunities for local contractors who continue to benefit from contracts through this programme. 

The Government is also pleased to say that advanced discussions continue for an Airport Redevelopment Plan and for a resort at Sandy Point.