Government receives application for rate increase by Fortis

The Hon. Sharlene L Cartwright Robinson, Premier and Minister of Finance has confirmed that the Government has received an application from Fortis for a rate increase under the Electricity Ordinance. Under section 34 of the Ordinance, a public supplier may make such an application for consideration by the Government which the Government is required to consider in accordance with the procedure set out in the Ordinance. The process requires due consideration of the financial representations made by the public supplier as well as the implications on the public on the basis of technical advice and could last up to twelve or more weeks to take the steps that have to be followed under the Ordinance.

Hon. Premier said, “The Government respects the legislative process catered for under the Ordinance and will give due consideration to the application in the context of relevant technical advice, balancing the interests of the public supplier and the needs of the various sectors of the community at large.”

The process under the Ordinance has built in safeguards to ensure that all interested persons have an opportunity to make representations in the process.