Executive Council of the Turks and Caicos Islands Government

Hon. Charles Washington Misick
Hon. Charles Washington MisickPremier and Minister of Finance, Investment & Trade
Hon. Erwin Jay Saunders
Hon. Erwin Jay SaundersDeputy Premier and Minister of Health, Agriculture, Sport & Human Services
Hon. Akierra M. D. Missick
Hon. Akierra M. D. MissickMinister of Infrastructure, Housing, Planning & Development
Hon. Josephine Conolly
Hon. Josephine ConollyMinister of Tourism, Environment, Heritage, Maritime, Gaming & Disaster Management
Hon. Otis Chuck Morris
Hon. Otis Chuck MorrisMinister of Home Affairs, Public Utilities & Transportation
Hon. Arlington Alexander Musgrove
Hon. Arlington Alexander MusgroveMinister of Immigration, Citizenship, Labour & Employment Services
Hon. Rachel Marshall Taylor
Hon. Rachel Marshall TaylorMinister of Education, Youth, Culture, Social & Library Services