The Accountant General’s Department has implemented an online payment feature that would allow remote payments of all TCIG vouchers directly to Treasury’s bank accounts.


As such, the Revenue Department is issuing taxpayers with digital remittances for tax payment purposes. Please be reminded that transfer of funds to TCIG’s account through their bank must be accompanied with the relevant remittance or voucher to show proof of payment to the Accountant General’s Department forthwith. 


Please note that failure to provide the receipt as proof of payment to the Accountant General’s Department will result in payments not being captured in the correct tax period and will delay timely reconciliation with the relevant remittance or voucher.  If you have not received confirmation and proof of payment for funds forwarded to the Accountant General’s Department, please resend the transfer receipt along with the relevant payment document.


All proof of payment receipts, vouchers, completed remittances and any queries should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Contact can also be made to any of the following numbers:


  • (649) 245-8245 
  • (649) 242-8246          
  • (649) 245-8247          
  • (649) 244-8248