Department of Youth Affairs - SAVING OUR BOYS





Department of Youth Affairs - SAVING OUR BOYS


The Department of Youth Affairs within the Ministry of Education, Youth, Culture and Library Services Leadership Forum HJ Robinson High Grand Turk on July 27th -28th,2020 under the theme “From Boys to Men”.


Saving our boys is an ongoing program, held every year. Violence against youth is still an everyday reality in the Turks and Caicos, where social service professionals are the first ones to come into contact with youth, who are victims of violence, but are still not necessarily properly identifying, reporting or referring cases to ensure an appropriate response to the issue.


The training sessions will take place each day and will encompass a start time of 9am--3pm with 45 minutes for lunch break. There will also be break-out sessions that will deal with various case scenarios to better hone the training objectives and principles.


Outline of Forum

The outline of the areas to cover is as follows:

  • The Importance of Personal Identity and Culture
  • The Importance of Family and Family Structure
  • The Importance of Educational Empowerment
  • The Importance of National Pride
  • The Importance of Financial Literacy and Money Management
  • The Importance of Avoiding Criminal Enterprise and the Criminal Justice System
  • Where Do We Go from Here?
  • Round Table and Sounding Board Session
  • Cutting A Personal Covenant to Succeed


For further information, contact

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Grand Turk: 338-5101

Provo: 443-5299

North Caicos:338-6441

South Caicos: 338-6205






Saving Our Sons is a book dedicated to youth looking to gain control of their destiny. This book will encourage, motivate, and inspire our sons to achieve greatness in their everyday lives. Our sons are facing several challenges that should cause great alarm. If the future of young African American boys is going to be bright, changes must be made in this country. As long as imprisonment, murder, and unemployment are on the rise we have work to do in our communities. This book takes an in-depth look into the need for positive mentors and role models for our sons.


The program is offered to young Black men, ages 14-19.  The course will include, though not limited to, the art of blogging, video production, and social media.