Premier Robinson wishes to assure the Civil Service Association that the Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands remain committed to the return of terminal benefits for the Public Service. On coming to Office, I met with the then President of the CSA and members of the Executive. Following that Meeting I also spoke with the Deputy Governor who advised that the Committee appointed in 2015 had been able to progress the work further due to other pressing commitments. We agreed that a consultant can carry out the task and I offered to fund it. This offer was accepted and the Consultant was retained.

Since receiving the Report, Cabinet has discussed the Report and have asked for the options to be costed. This matter has not yet been concluded before Cabinet. Until these costs are assessed, TCIG cannot and has not taken a decision. The matter of the pandemic and the resultant economic crisis has been time consuming and has certainly been a priority but our commitment has not waivered.

We are asking the President and the CSA family to rest assured that this remains a commitment but also to note as I publicly stated that the Budget for 2021 will be late and will come within a new Administration. To project that there should be a sacrifice at this time is premature or to state that TCIG can not commit has been mischaracterized following a Release from the President of the CSA. I believe it is important to clarify by saying that the state of finances in this country and the uncertainty around the finances that exists has seen TCIG seek to borrow to stabilize its cash flow to meet existing commitments including high fixed costs like salaries and will honor commitments made.

We remain committed to the Public Service and have over the years demonstrated this. Since coming to Office, Civil Services have seen the return of increments, the first ever Hurricane Advance, the return of Christmas Advances, new resources in terms of manpower, new and renovated office spaces (through purchase, existing owned and rented premises), new vehicles. TCIG has also committed the seed monies for a Credit Union for Civil Service. Despite overtures to cut salaries, on rising to bring the Budget this year, I assured the CSA that TCIG will not take a look at cutting salaries as a response to carry TCI’s finances through what has been a troubling year for the country but will do as economists advise. TCIG continues to see how it can continue to support the Civil Service while in active service  and continue to look to restore benefits for civil service as they leave.



Hon Sharlene L Cartwright Robinson

Premier & Minister of Finance

The Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks & Caicos Government

Office of the Governor

Office of the Deputy Governor