Ministry of Health Updates on COVID19 Health Hotlines


Ministry of Health Updates on COVID19 Health Hotlines

The Ministry of Health (MOH) implemented Health Hotlines early in the COVID19 pandemic in order to provide advice and guidance to persons who have either developed symptoms consistent with COVID19 or have had contact with suspected or confirmed cases in order to provide further guidance.


The Hotlines are operated by trained MOH personnel who provide information based on interviews with each caller. This may lead to persons being referred to the Contact Tracing/Public Health Team for further action.


The hotlines can be contacted at (649) 232 9444 or (649) 333 0911 and the hours of operation are 7am-7pm daily. If persons contact the hotlines and are unsuccessful, they are asked to leave a voice or text message with contact details and their calls will be returned.


If anyone is having an emergency such as experiencing shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, they are asked to contact 911 immediately and inform the 911 operator if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID19, whether they have been diagnosed with COVID19 or are in quarantine. This will ensure that the responding team including the hospital is prepared to receive persons needing urgent interventions.


The general public is reminded that the hotlines are focused on COVID19 queries for persons who are symptomatic, contacts of confirmed cases and those in quarantine. All other queries should be directed to email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . All queries related to the COVID19 vaccine and those interested in registering for the vaccine should access:

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