TCI National Primary Schools Spelling Bee 2020


It is that time of year again when the TCI community looks forward to the Annual National Primary Schools Spelling Bee.  As always the Ministry/Department of Education is delighted to put on this event with 12 participating schools.


Once again, Beaches Turks & Caicos has agreed to graciously host this event on Thursday, 13th February, 2020 commencing at 8:30am. The event will be aired live on Radio Turks and Caicos.  FLOW TCI will provide the complimentary line so that persons who are unable to attend can listen in.


The prizes for the event include:

Grand Prize: Laptop & Printer

Runner Up Prize: New Apple iPad

Remaining Spellers: Fire HD 8” Tablet

Champion Coach: Fire HD 10” Tablet

Complimentary Trophies for everyone


The 2020 Spelling Bee Participants/Coaches:

Alpha Christian Academy - Achiene Desir / Mrs. Heather Robertson

BEST Institute - Jemika Charles / Dr Kaye-Ann Irving

BRIC's Academy - Peterson Victor / Mrs. Marjorie Bassett

Eliza Simons Primary - Brantley Saul / Ms. Gleniece Grant

Enid Capron Primary - Reriana Nikes / Mrs. Lea Dean

Ianthe Pratt Primary School - Shandia Ashwood / Ms. Daniela Carroll

International School of TCI - Gabriela Butler / Mrs. Mary Jimenez

MILLS Institute - Omari Scott / Mrs. Denesha Robinson

Ona Glinton Primary School - Shae Narcisse / Ms. Shakiah Lewis

Oseta Jolly Primary School - Trejae Thomas / Mrs. Carana Hall - Brodber

Providence International - Tayla Adams / Mr. John Gardiner

Providenciales Primary School - Eva Borges / Mrs. Laranda Parker - Brown


The general public is invited to tune to Radio Turks & Caicos on 13th February 2020 for live coverage of another exciting day from events for this term.




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