The Staff of theDomestic Fire Department in Grand Turk Continues Their Response to MonitorLandfill After Recent Fire




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The Staff of the Domestic Fire Department in Grand Turk Continues Their Response to Monitor Landfill After Recent Fire


On Monday 9th March 2020, officers of the newly established Domestic Fire Services Department, on the island of Grand Turk, responded to a call for fire assistance at the landfill site where, due to high winds and other factors, they spent some eight hours expending thousands of gallons of water in order to bring the fire under control.


Regrettably, officers had to return to the scene on the morning of Tuesday, 10th March 2020 to address several hot spots which had reignited. Officers were on the scene from 9:00 am and only retreated at or around 2:00 pm, due to heavy rains. 


At present, there is no active burning of the refuse and the Domestic Fire Department continues to monitor the site, as required.




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