Latest Update on TCI Hospital Operations


Latest Update on TCI Hospital Operations

The Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital Command Centre continues to monitor the locally evolving COVID-19 situation and both medical centers shall remain in emergency services mode until otherwise announced.


The general public can expect a cautiously planned and gradual resumption of limited and high priority ambulatory outpatient services over the next several weeks. However, the pace of this process is based on several national and internal indicators. 

These include the number of new cases of COVID-19 per day, number of hospital admissions, the outcome of any new modelling and forecasting data and the progress made on the expansion of critical care capacity within the hospital. 

The TCI Government recently announced the ongoing collaborative efforts to secure additional clinical human resources and ventilators, which is expected to further bolster the hospital’s capacity to respond to any possible COVID-19 patient surges.


The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season forecast is another variable to consider, and internal preparedness activities have commenced. These are truly uncertain times and continuous risk assessments are required prior to making any major decisions on operational changes.




The multi-phase approach to gradually increase the number of outpatient clinic services and diagnostic imaging services offered is underway. This will encompass more virtual consultations, where appropriate, and in-person presentations, where absolutely necessary due to the nature of the service and clinical concern. 


All patients will continue to undergo a mandatory COVID-19 pre-triage assessment at the entrance of the emergency department as a precautionary measure in order to access the facility.


The number of patients pre-scheduled to access the service shall remain at a pre-established maximum level. Measures related to infection prevention and control, social distancing and environmental surveillance will also be enhanced.


Patients with impacted appointments, pending referrals and radiology orders can expect to be rescheduled and contacted based on clinical priority and the overall hospital capacity.


The outpatient department was cited in a national statement as a location to utilize in the event of a COVID-19 patient surge. The department is a possible location in a worse case scenario, and therefore plans are being explored to implement the necessary fixtures to support ventilator connections with as minimal service disruption as possible.


The hospital recognises the importance of preserving this space for outpatient services and the area remains safe and secure. COVID-19 patients in need of hospitalisation shall remain under isolation and clinical management on the General Ward, once bed occupancy levels permit.  


The management team wishes to extend appreciation to the general public for their support, understanding and patience during this challenging period.




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