The Turks and Caicos Government is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Tito Forbes to the role of Compliance and Enforcement Manager within the Ministry of Border Control and Employment Services.

Mr. Forbes joined the civil service on January 1st, 1997 as a temporary Immigration Officer and a year and a half later was appointed to that same post on 1st September 1998 before being promoted to the role of Senior Immigration Officer in December 2004.

Having shown a strong determination to succeed and to excel within the department, Mr. Forbes was afforded the opportunity to participate in a number of training programs both locally and internationally including:                                   

The Personal Safety Training (PST) where Mr. Forbes received a Certificate as a PSP Trainer in the United Kingdom (November 2011). Which consisted of:

  • National Decision Making Model
  • Tactical communication skills
  • Self Defence
  • Technical control skills
  • Edge weapon defence
  • Handcuffing
  • Use of batons

In his new role Mr. Forbes will take on responsibility for the strategic oversight of the Immigration Department's Enforcement Unit with a renewed focus on enforcement and compliance at a time when there are growing concerns about crime and increased instances of work permit abuse by employers and employees.

Mr. Forbes’ role will require him to liaise with other law enforcement agencies in the Turks and Caicos Islands on issues of mutual interest and to lead and assist in directing the Ministry of Border Control's Border Enforcement Team.

In response to his appointment Mr. Forbes said; "I am deeply honoured by this appointment and the ability to serve in this capacity.  I am aware of the challenges of the role and also of the wider issues, but I will do my best to vigilantly serve the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The newly appointed Director of Immigration, Mr. Derek Been commented; “We congratulate Officer Forbes on his new appointment and welcome him to the Immigration Management Team.  The Immigration Department is committed to providing quality immigration services for members of the public and visitors and also to working for the prosperity and stability of the Turks and Caicos Islands.  I am convinced that Officer Forbes excellent work ethics, experience and positive attitude can only add value to the Department and the wider service and I am pleased to have him serve in this capacity."

Deputy Governor Anya Williams stated; "Congratulations is extended to Mr. Forbes on his recent promotion.  He has been a long standing member of the Immigration Department and of the Immigration Task Force, having dedicated over 20 years of service to the Turks and Caicos Government and to this department.  He has over the years proven not only his abilities, but also his sacrifice and dedication to his role, being on call many days and hours to respond to incidents of illegal sloops and other illegal immigration issues and for this we both thank and congratulate him and wish him all the best in his new role."  


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