Early Dismissal of Oseta Jolly Primary School

As a result of the recent challenges being encountered with the air conditioning system at the Gustavus Lightbourne Sports Complex, which is currently being occupied by the Oseta Jolly Primary School on an interim basis, the Ministry of Education wishes to advise the parents of students attending the School and the public that effective Monday, January 29, 2018, classes will be dismissed at 1pm daily until further notice. Classes will commence at its regular time but the School will resort to reduced recess time to minimize the impact of the early dismissal.


Fans and other cooling apparatus have been placed in the facility to assist in making the environment a more comfortable one that is conducive to learning. The Ministry of Education is actively engaged with the Ministry of Infrastructure to ensure that the necessary works to the Complex are completed expeditiously and is collaborating with the Public Health Department to ensure a healthy and safe environment for the students and teachers being housed at the facility, which is of paramount concern.


Parents are advised to make provisions to pick up their children at the adjusted time of dismissal which is 1pm.


The Ministry appreciates your understanding concerning this matter.




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