TCIG Recognises World Kidney Day

The Ministry of Health, Agriculture, Sports and Human Services joins the rest of the world in observing World Kidney Day on the 8th of March with various activities leading up to the day and continuing throughout the month. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a public health problem worldwide with kidney failure and premature death being the main adverse outcomes. Approximately 195 million women worldwide are affected. Currently, Chronic Kidney Disease is the 8th leading cause of death in women, each year approximately 600,000 women die.


This year, the main focus is on women and chronic kidney disease, the risk of developing chronic kidney disease is just as high in women as in men, and maybe even higher. Studies have shown that CKD is more likely to develop in women when compared with men, with an average prevalence in women of 14% when compared to 12% in men.


This is why we encourage Civil Society, decision makers, health professionals as well as patients to walk. Keeping fit reduces high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and other non-communicable diseases, two of which are the leading causes of kidney disease. Go for a walk, swim, rungo play your favorite sport, walk the dog or take the stairs – get moving!


Take a picture of yourself in action! Share it on your social media accounts with the hashtag #move4kidneys. You can also share it on our Health Promotion Facebook Page @


Mrs. Aldora Robinson Director of Health Promotion and Advocacy Unit stated; “We have a choice! And we should all make the choice to live healthier. Choose to exercise, choose to drink more water and less sugary drinks, choose to eat less processed foods. Let us as a nation be healthier by choice.”


The Minister of Health, Agriculture, Sports and Human Services Hon. Edwin Astwood voiced his concern; “There has been an increase in the number of dialysis patients and we must act. There are many reasons for the increase, including greater levels of obesity, increased numbers of diabetics requiring dialysis and this calls for concern. We must change our behaviour and live healthier lives.”


There is a long road ahead to raise awareness about the dangers of kidney disease, let us work together to make the Turks and Caicos healthier and empowered

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