Hon. Karen Malcolm, Minister of Education, Youth, Culture and Library Message for Teachers’ Appreciation Day

Today is another opportunity to acknowledge our teachers and say thanks for the significant contributions they make in our classrooms and communities across the Turks and Caicos Islands.  As a government, we want to acknowledge the vital role that teachers play in nation building; their dedicated commitment to developing globally-minded citizens; the assistance they give to families; and the work they do to establish strong foundations for our sons and daughters.

Irina Bokovo, former Director-General of UNESCO, posits that “Teachers determine our collective ability to innovate, invent and to find solutions for tomorrow. Nothing will ever replace a good teacher. Nothing is more important than supporting them.”  I agree with Irina.  Teachers, I salute you today as your observe Teachers’ Day 2018.

The goal is not only to celebrate teachers on this special day, but to also revitalize the image of and respect for teaching as a vocation by increasing public awareness about the value of teachers to society.  Teachers are the cornerstone of the education system.  It is within their power to shape the attitudes and behaviour of our children.  Teachers, working closely with the home and church, are among the first avenues through which knowledge is transmitted.


The Ministry of Education reiterates its pledge to open new opportunities for continued professional development and avenues through which our teachers can improve their craft so as to realize beneficial outcomes for all learners.  The Ministry of Education will continue to negotiate an incentive package for teachers and improve working conditions so that we can attract and retain the best and brightest teachers.


I urge all Turks and Caicos Islanders and everyone living within our borders to show more respect and appreciation for our teachers. Use this opportunity to visit or call a teacher who influenced your life positively.  Stop in at the school your child attends and thank the teachers for their hard work.  For the most part, they work under challenging circumstances especially following the devastating hurricanes that impacted our education sector


On this Teachers’ Appreciation Day, and every day, let us support and work alongside our teachers. On behalf of the Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands I express sincere gratitude to each teacher, past and present, for the work that you do to positively impact the lives of our children.


Best wishes for a Happy Teachers’ Appreciation Day. God Bless You All.



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