Premier Robinson Welcomes Mount Bay

"I have now been informed that the requested UK Ship is in our waters. We are pleased that the British Government has responded positively to a request from TCI's Government to provide immediate assistance in maritime coverage. We note the several releases over the past few days of the Governor's Office and wish to remind of our other requests: manpower and a sustainable approach and way forward.  We will as promised identify ways to receive ideas from our people in a secured fashion and will continue the successful efforts of Operation Guardian.

TCI with its wide coastline requires much resources and this bolstering of patrol at this time is much needed together with regional and other international support.  We continue active discussions with the Bahamas on how its Defense Force can assist.  We are also pleased to welcome the aerial support also now in country.  These brazen attacks are in my view an attack on the UK's Sovereignty and  it must do more in a sustainable way to fulfill its constitutional mandate for external and internal security. We encourage residents to not harbour or employ any undocumented individual.

We will strictly enforce the laws and will deal with any and all culprits to its fullest extent.  Whilst we bolster patrol, upgrade our Radar, carry out special operations, we ask residents to remain vigilant and to report all suspicious activities and individuals.”



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