TCIG Appoints Two New Dental Hygienist

The Office of the Deputy Governor is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Dental Hygienist, Ms. Raymonda Brown and Mr. Deangello Germain in the Turks and Caicos Government’s Dental Departments in Grand Turk and Providenciales, respectively.


Commenting on the appointment, Director of Dental Services Dr. Jameiko Harvey said; “I would like to welcome two of our very own, Ms. Raymonda Brown and Mr. Deangello Germain to the post of Dental Hygienist within the Dental Department.  These two individuals are the first Dental Hygienist to be hired by the Turks and Caicos Government and will be helping to combat the fight on gum disease in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

“I can say that I am very proud of these two individuals and the direction that the Dental Department is heading.  As we look to reshape the way individuals think about their oral hygiene, in short order we will be reintroducing our mobile clinic in Providenciales which will help to eliminate the heavy traffic at the Cheshire Hall Medical Center and the roles of these two Hygienists will be critical in helping individuals to keep their teeth longer and to live a healthier life.”


Mr. Deangello Germain, who is a former track star, trained and competed alongside the great Delano Williams, but put aside his sporting ambitions to pursue a career in dentistry.  Mr. Germain having completed a Bachelors Degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Technology has returned home to serve his country, and has further aspirations to become a Dental Surgeon, having already been accepted into Nova Southeastern University in the USA, where he intends to complete a Bachelors degree in Biology before applying to Dental School. 

Ms. Raymonda Brown redefines what it means to be dedicated as she was accepted to Dental Hygiene school some sixteen years ago and had to defer for personal reasons, but always kept in the back of her mind that one day she would finish what she started, so when the opportunity presented itself in the form of a Grant from the Civil Service Professional Development Fund to the APLUS Institute of Information Technology, Healthcare and Business in Toronto, Canada in 2016, Ms. Brown practically gave up everything to make her dreams come true.

Deputy Governor Anya Williams joined in congratulating both new appointees by stating:  “I am pleased to congratulate both Raymonda and Deangello on their new appointments and to wish them much success in their new roles.  Having had the opportunity to interact with them both I can emphatically state that they both are very passionate about their roles and about their profession.


“I am especially proud of their accomplishments and also of the efforts and accomplishments of the Dental Department through Dr. Harvey and the work that he continues to do to motivate young persons to pursue medical studies through the Clinic Exploration Program.


“I hope that their stories of success will continue to motivate others to pursue these most critical fields.”





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