As of March 2018, Dr. Marlyn Godines, has been appointed Psychiatrist - Zone 1 for the Department of Mental Health & Substance Dependence, within the Ministry of Health, Agriculture, Sports & Human Services.

This appointment follows the United Nations induction of mental health as a sustainable goal and the need for increased access to mental health and psychiatric services throughout these islands. Dr. Godines, a native of the Philippines, possesses a wealth of experience in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of persons across the spectrum with mental health concerns such as depression and those suffering with cognitive disorders. Her ability to function in this role is preceded by her successes in the Philippines over the past ten (10) years.

Once achieving a doctorate of medicine, in 2007, she attained a post graduate internship with the Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center, following this she furthered her education/training by completing a 4-year Psychiatric Residency with the National Center for Mental Health in the Philippines. As one of her first priorities in this role Dr. Godines, is charged with delivering optimal mental health services across the islands of Grand Turk, Salt Cay and South Caicos. Being the leader of the National Center for Mental Health - Camarin Extension, she has excellent and current knowledge of the practices and medications that are best used for treatment of individuals suffering with these illnesses.

Though possessing many medical accolades such as being a certified member of the Psychiatric Specialty Board in the Philippines and holding a Masters in Management in Hospital Administration, Dr. Godines asserts that human rights and the ethical management of mental health patients is her primary concern. Employing skills from her membership on the Committee for Human Rights, National Center for Mental Health as well as the Technical Working Group National Center for Mental Health Integrity Management Committee will be an asset in ensuring continued integrity for patients in these islands.

Prior to acceptance of this appointment Dr. Godines was employed by the Department of Mental Health & Substance Dependence as a locum during Dr. Diana Dizon’s absence. We wish to recognize and thank Dr. Diana Dizon, for being the sole psychiatrist for the territory prior to this appointment and for her dedication and significant advancements in this role.

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