Department of Education - Promoting Professional Development

Members of staff from the Department of Education attended The Danielson Group – Regional Conference, on The Framework for Teaching: Skill Building for Stronger Communities, in Naperville, Illinois, at Northern Illinois University, April 25-27, 2018.

The Danielson Framework for Teaching provides the opportunities for intensive, shared professional skill building. The Conference allowed participants to learn from Charlotte Danielson, author of the text and materials for the Framework for Teaching, and to further network with fellow educators.

The Team attending the Conference from the Department of Education, included:


Mrs. Sarah Kennedy – Education Officer – School Zone Supervisor

Mr. Jasmin Walkin – Education Officer – Special Needs

Dr. Keran Williams-Toussaint – Education Officer – Teacher Development & Training

Mr. Reinwald Lewis – Principal – Helena J. Robinson High School

Mrs. Sophia Garland – Principal – Enid Capron Primary School


The three (3) day Conference focused on four (4) Learning Strands for Professional Development. These included:

Learning Strand 1 – Observer Training -  highlighted the use of the Framework for Teaching to accurately collect and align quality evidence about teaching performance. The Strand explored the factors relating to fair and purposeful observations for accurate judgment. The Strand was indeed beneficial to school leaders who have the responsibility of observing teaching practice.

Learning Strand 2 – Data Driven Conversations -  focused on learning to collect and use quality evidence in focused and collaborative conversations to advance teaching. Further, the Strand concentrated on structures and tools to guide conversations and to determine areas of growth. The training promoted encouraging teachers to share their thinking about instructional decisions and outcomes.

Learning Strand 3 – Component Deeper Dive - explored important aspects of teacher instruction, assessment and engaging students in learning. The sessions in this Strand highlighted giving components and support to teachers as they apply their knowledge of the Framework for Teaching to effectively deepen student understanding and learning.

Learning Strand 4 – Special Education – highlighted the responsibility of educators to recognize and support the efforts and expertise of teachers of students with disabilities. Training in this Strand explored equipping observers to support a meaningful and collaborative process for teachers of students with disabilities. The Strand promoted engagement with both general and special education teachers to enhance the learning experience for all students.

Participants noted that the Sessions were indeed informative, engaging and beneficial to their practice, and in the future, to that of teachers as well.  It is envisioned that the Framework for Teaching will be implemented in the next Academic Year within the Public Schools of the Turks and Caicos Islands.