The Ministry of Border Control and Employment is reminding employers, as well as the general public, that the Immigration Ordinance 2015 which was brought into force on April 1, 2016 established new conditions for advertising jobs which must be met when recruiting new staff or seeking a work permit renewal.

For clarity, Section 28(2) of the Immigration Ordinance states the following:

                The advertisement condition is satisfied if the employer has advertised the position in at least two consecutive issues of a newspaper published in and sold or distributed on the islands and the advertisement –

(a)   describes the nature of the position available in sufficient detail to enable persons reading the advertisement to have a reasonable indication of the nature of the work and conditions of employment;

(b)   contains the name of the employer and details of the whereabouts of the office or other places to which the application is to be submitted together with contact details, including telephone and fax numbers and an email address;

(c)    sets out clearly the salary package relating to the position;

(d)   invites prospective applicants who are islanders to send copies of their applications to the Board; and

(e)    state whether the position is currently held by a work permit holder.

All employment and recruitment agencies when placing ads need to identify in the ads who the potential employer will be.

N.B. Failure to meet these requirements will result in applications not being accepted by the Customer Service Center.

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