The Ministry of Border Control and Employment is reminding employers, as well as the general public that all staffing plans are due by 1st July 2018 in accordance with section (34) of the Immigration Ordinance which states:


(1) This section applies to an employer (whether an individual, a company or other entity) which

                (a) Employs not less than fifteen (15) employees who hold a work permit; or

                (b) Is designated for the purposes of this section by the Commissioner.


(2) The employer shall, before the end of months starting with the date on which this section first applies to the employer, prepare and submit to the Commissioner a business staffing plan.


(3) The business staffing plan shall contain the following information relating to the business-   

(a) The names and numbers of employees, including part-time employees and persons employed through a temping agency, on staff as at the date of submission of the plan;

(b) The names and number of Islanders and non-islanders employed;   

(c) The positions occupied by all Islander and non-Islander employees, the nationality of each non-islander employee and whether such non-Islander employee is –

                                                                                            i.            A permanent resident;

                                                                                          ii.            A person endorsed on a Permanent Residence Certificate;

                                                                                        iii.            The spouse of an Islander; or

                                                                                         iv.            The holder of a work permit;             

(d) The length of time each position has been held by the holder of a work permit;         

(e) In respect of posts held by work permit holders other than permanent residents, the likelihood of such post being filled by islanders or permanent residents and the anticipated length of time, in respect of each post, before that happens;        

(f) The anticipated growth of the business and its future plans for the next five years;

(g) The commitment of the business to education and development locally, including scholarships, training schemes and in-house training;

(h) The recruitment policy of the business;         

(i) The identification by the business of the number of work permits that will be required for the period of the plan, the posts for which they will be required and the desired duration of those work permits; and               

(j) Such other information relating to the employment needs of the business as the Commissioner may require


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