Vacancies Existing within Turks and Caicos Islands Public Service

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The following vacancies currently exists within the Turks and Caicos Islands Public Service:

Governor’s Office                                                                                  

  • Audit Principal (National Audit Office – LWB4 -01)
  • Administrative Office (National Audit Office – LWB4 – 02)

Deputy Governor’s Office

  • Deputy Director (Contract and Procurement)  – LWB3 -03
  • Procurement Office (Contract and Procurement) – LWB3-04

Office of the Premier & District Administration

  • Administrative Officer – KHB4-05
  • Communications Coordinator – KHB4-06
  • Aide  De Camp – KHB4 -08

Attorney General Chambers

  • Crown Counsel –CBB4 -09
  • Senior Compliance Officer (Crown Land Unit) –CBB4-10
  • Senior Administrative Officer (Crown Land Unit) – CBB4-11
  • Chief Valuation Officer – CBB4-12


  • Assistant Clerk of Courts – CBB4-13

Ministry of Education, Youth, Culture and Library Services

  • Vice Principal (Enid Capron Primary School) – LWB4-14
  • Vice Principal (Enid Capron Primary School) – LWB4-15
  • Graduate Secondary Teacher – English AB – LWB4-16
  • Graduate Secondary Teacher – Home Economics – LWB4-17

Ministry of Health, Agriculture, Sports and Human Services

  • Director – Emergency Medical Services – KHB4 -18
  • Speech and Language Pathologist – KHB4-19
  • Deputy Supervisor Wellness Center –KHB4 -20
  • Custodian (Sports Department)  -KHB4-21
  • Labourer (Agriculture Department) – KHB4-22
  • Quarantine Officer (Agriculture Department) –KHB4-23
  • Administrative Officer (Ministry) –KHB4-24
  • Executive Secretary/Office Manager (HRA)- KHB427

Ministry of Infrastructure, Housing and Planning

  • Civil Engineer (Public Works) – CBB4-31
  • Development Control Officer (Planning Department) – CBB4-34

Ministry of Tourism, Heritage, Environment and Gaming

  • Director of Maritime (Maritime) – CFB4-36
  • Maritime Officer (Maritime) – CFB4-37
  • Director of Gaming (Gaming Department) –CFB4-38
  • Junior Conservation Officer (Environmental and Coastal Resources) – CFB4-39
  • Environmental Officer (Environment and Coastal Resources) –CFB4-40
  • Inspector of Gaming (Gaming Department) –CFB4-41
  • Director of DECR – CFB4-46
  • Conservation Officer (CFB4-47)

Ministry of Home Affairs, Transportation and Communication

  • News and Sports Journalist (Radio Turks and Caicos) – CFB4-42
  • Training and Education Specialist – DDME –CFB4-51

Ministry of Border Control and Employment

  • Clerical Assistant (Employment Services) – JCB4-43
  • Senior Administrative Officer (Employment Services – JCB4-44
  • Citizenship Caseworker (Registration and Citizenship) – JCB4-47
  • Registrar (Registration and Citizenship) – JCB4-48
  • Caseworker (Employment Services) –JCB4 -49
  • Senior Caseworker Supervisor (Employment Services) – JCB4-50                                                                                                                                    

Ministry of Finance, Trade and Investment

  • Accountant General –JCB4-46


For more details regarding these positions kindly refer to the attached Vacancy Notice or visit

Application Deadline: 5th October 2018

Please ensure that all applications submitted by email clearly states the Job Title and Job Reference Number in the subject line and all applications received via hard copy are clearly marked with the Job Title.

All Jobs remunerated at $26,650.00 per annum and under, Belongers Need Only Apply.

We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only persons selected for an interview will be contacted.


Please Note:


Applications that are not accompanied by all required supporting documents will not be processed.



The Human Resource Management Directorate


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