Model Sailboat Building Workshop

The Department of Culture continued with its drive to promote our cultural heritage by hosting a Model Sail Boat Workshop with students throughout the island of Grand Turk on Thursday, 20 September, 2018.  The session was facilitated by well-known son of the soil, Pastor Samuel “Goldston” Williams.


Commenting on this workshop Director Fulford said; “This workshop was something we wanted to get off the ground since last year; however, for various reasons it did not materialize.  I am pleased to see that we have finally been able to get it done and how enthusiastic the participants were.  Once we complete the follow up session, the participants will start preparing for the James E. Simmons Model Sail Boat Competition that is scheduled for October 27 in Grand Turk as a part of this year’s National Heritage Month celebrations. We have been working along with Pastor Gold for some time now, and sincerely appreciate all that he is doing to assist us in carrying out our mandate.” 


The students were equally responsive to the opportunity given to them and what they were able to accomplish. One student commented “I was always interested in how boats were made and this workshop has given me the chance to see firsthand and to also practice my boat building skills.  I wish some of my other friends could get some of this exposure.”


The session accommodated a total of 20 participants, each coming with sparked interest and a love for boating.  Also in attendance was the Hon. Karen Malcolm who stated, “It was such a pleasure to see this skill being passed on to our children.  I was thoroughly impressed with how quickly they grasped the information that Pastor Gold was sharing with them and how excited they were to be a part of the session.  I take this opportunity to encourage individuals within the community to take full advantage of the various workshops being hosted by the Department of Culture, as they are passing on skills that will be useful in years to come.


Workshops of this nature will continue throughout the other islands in the New Year, with particular attention being paid to Straw Work and other local crafts.






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