On Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 a delegation comprising of members of the Turks & Caicos Islands Custom Department travelled to the Cayman Islands. The purpose of the trip was to focus on strengthening our enforcement initiatives and capacity building. To seek ways of enhancing the overall structure and capabilities of the investigative and enforcement unit.  The team consisted of June Harry, Assistant Collector (Enforcement), Gregston Been, Senior Customs Officer (Intelligence/Investigations Unit) and Alton Scott, Customs Officer (Anti-Smuggling Unit)

The Cayman Islands Customs Department was chosen because of its advanced enforcement operations and tools, particularly pertaining to baggage, containerized scanning, commercial imports and exports, fraud, intelligence gathering and analysis narcotics interdiction. 

Team members were attached to various sections of the department including:

  • Commercial fraud unit
  • Joint Intelligence Unit
  • Intelligence/Investigations Unit
  • Airport
  • Seaport
  • Container/postal/Courier
  • Bonds/Warehousing
  • FSI  (freight security initiative)
  • Maritime
  • Firearm handling
  • Duty collections
  • Narcotics Enforcement (CNET)
  • Joint Police & Customs Marine Unit

Mrs. Harry stated; “The training was extremely beneficial to us. It gave us the opportunity to gain valuable ‘on the job’ training in different aspects of the operation of a number of areas within the Customs Department. We began with classroom training which covered: Note taking, Statements, Modes and powers of arrest, Role of the professional standards units, Management by objectives, Time Management, Relationship with Prosecutor and Investigator and Stress Management.” 

“Our departmental strategic plan for the next 3 years focuses on strengthening enforcement initiatives. In order for us to make this a reality it is imperative that officers receive the necessary training because proper training will bridge the gap between where we are and where we should be.”

Mr. Been added; “Such partnerships and initiatives can strengthen and help sustain our border protection efforts and also combat common threats We are all grateful for the opportunity to gain a significant amount of knowledge and we are eager to share this knowledge with our comrades here in TCI.  We looking forward to attending the advance training for border protection for Senior Officers and Senior Management which is schedule for September 2017.”