On Monday, May 27, 2019, the Department of Culture under the remit of the Ministry of Education, Youth, Culture, Library and Social Services hosted its 2nd Annual Art Competition in honour of the Right Excellent James Alexander George Smith McCartney under the theme “Canvassing His Legacy”.

Students and persons from the community were able to enter a total of 6 categories to which highlighted aspects of the Right Most Excellent JAGS McCartney.  The categories included JAGS the Family Man, JAGS the Sportsman, JAGS the Politician, JAGS the Community Man, JAGS the All – Rounder and JAGS the Man Himself.

An Art Exhibition was held at the Memorial Site, where over 50 pieces were exhibited giving persons from the community an opportunity to view all the beautiful pieces. The crowd moved and grooved to musically selection and entertainment provided by Super P Entertainment and Movements of Sax.

Bringing remarks, Director of Culture, Ms. Ludwina Fulford said; “We are extremely excited to have received so many pieces from our students and persons in the community.  Each picture tells a story of how each person interpreted the theme and gives us an opportunity to see his life through their eyes. 

“This exhibition is one of the many activities that we will host to give persons the ability to display their varying gifts and talents.  We thank all the entrants for submitting their work and look forward to engaging with you at another event.”

In attendance was the Hon. Karen Malcolm, Hon. Edwin Astwood, Hon. Vaden Williams, Mr. Wesley Clerveaux, Mr. Amin McCartney, students, teachers and other persons from the community.

The winners:

JAGS the Family Man-

1st place Hayley Williams- International School of the TCI

2nd place Jazari Gardiner- Charles Hubert Primary School

3rd Place Shakur Seymour- Ona Glinton Primary School


JAGS the Politician –

1st place Datdel Louima- Helena Jones Robinson High School

2nd place Taj Parker- Helena Jones Robinson High School

3rd place Peter Campbell- Long Bay High School


JAGS the Community Man –

1st place Taquan Herrar- Charles Hubert Primary School

2nd place Julianna Higgs- Charles Hubert Primary School

3rd Danielle Boyd- Ona Glinton Primary School


JAGS the All- Rounder -

1st John Desormeaux- Open

2nd Clayton Thomas- International School of the TCI


JAGS the Man Himself -

1st Teanndra Milord- Long Bay High School

2nd Cariner Palmer- Long Bay High School

3rd Michael Arthur- Charles Hubert Primary School


We congratulate the winners and look forward to the continued support of the community in our future events.





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