Grade Six Achievement Test 2019 Results

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Grade Six Achievement Test 2019 Results

Five hundred and thirty five (535) students across the country, representing twenty (20) primary schools, wrote the GSAT on May 28 and 29, 2019.  362 students scored an overall average of 50% or higher. The overall pass rate this year is 67.66% compared with 75.56% in 2018.  The 2019 cohort, like their counterparts from previous years, maintained an overall pass rate exceeding sixty per cent. 

Of particular note is the significant improvement in the pass rate for Science this year compared with last year.  The 71% pass rate in Science is an 18.7% increase of the pass rate in 2018. There has been a significant decrease in the pass rate for English language. 68.97 % passed English language this year compared with 82.95% in 2018 representing a decrease of 13.98%. A slight decrease in the General paper pass rate, this year 78.13% compared to 83.36% in 2018. Also there has been a 10% decrease in the pass rate for Mathematics this year compared to last year.

The overall top position this year was captured by Sherian Parry from the Ona Glinton Primary School with an average of 97.14%.  Additionally:

2nd          Tishana Williams              Ona Glinton Primary                                       93.62

3rd           Donnie Gardiner               Providence International School                93.52

4th           Jhadel Lewis                       Adelaide Oemler Primary School               92.86

5th           Panthea Lightbourn        Adelaide Oemler Primary School               92.76

6th           Havianique Reid                Shining Stars Preparatory                             92.19

7th           Samarth Parvani               Faith Preparatory                                             91.62

8th           David Hall                            Providence International School                90.19

9th           Lormani Romilus               Ona Glinton Primary                                       89.43

10th         Rujuana Lindo                    Community Christian School                        89.24


In the subject positions:



1st          Sherian Parry                     95.75     Ona Glinton

2nd          Tishana Williams               92.75     Ona Glinton

3rd           Panthea Lightbourn        92.50     Adelaide Oemler



1st           Jhadel Lewis                       98.00     Adelaide Oemler

2nd          Sherian Parry                     97.00     Ona Glinton

2nd          Panthea Lightbourn        97.00     Adelaide Oemler



1st           Sherian Parry                     98.80     Ona Glinton

2nd          Donnie Gardiner               98.00     Providence International

3rd           Havianique Reid                97.60     Shining Stars

3rd           Jermaine Williams            97.60     Wesley Methodist



1st           Sherian Parry                     98.00     Ona Glinton

2nd          J’Annah Gardiner             96.00     Oseta Jolly

3rd           Antwan Butler                   95.00     Enid Capron

3rd           Jhadel   Lewis                     95.00     Adelaide Oemler

3rd           Wassly Romain                  95.00     CH James


This is the last sitting of the Grade Six Achievement Test.  Beginning in 2020, students will sit the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA).

The Minister of Education, Hon. Karen Malcolm, along with the Permanent Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Director and Deputy Director of Education and the Officers of the Department of Education wish to congratulate all the students on their success at the Grade Six Achievement Tests as well as those students who took top positions in the various subjects and in their various Schools.  Best wishes to all as they prepare to move on to start their High School careers.


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