Nomination Venues for Nomination of Candidates

The Supervisor of Elections Lister Dudley Lewis has indicated that the following Nomination Venues for Nomination of Candidates on November 18, 2016 are as follows:
1. Electoral District 01                          Grand Turk North, Steven James Hall
2. Electoral District 02                        Grand Turk South and Salt Cay, Yellow Man and Sons Auditorium
3. Electoral District 03                        South Caicos, Community Center
4. Electoral District 04                        Middle/ North Caicos, Whitby Community Center
5. Electoral District 05                        Leeward, Providenciales, Harvest Bible Chapel
6. Electoral District 06                       The Bight, Providenciales, Tropicana Plaza
7. Electoral District 07                        Richmond Hills & Cheshire  Hall, Disaster Management Conference Room
8. Electoral District 08                         Blue Hills, Providenciales, Church of God of Prophecy Office
9. Electoral District 09                         Five Cays, Felix Morley Community Center 
10. Electoral District 10                        Wheeland, Best Institute 
Lister Dudley L. Lewis
Supervisor of Elections


The Ministry of Infrastructure, Housing and Planning in collaboration the Water Undertaking Unit within the Department of Public Works, would like to advise the residents of Grand Turk that during the early hours of the Thursday, November 10, 2016, the water main, which is located in the Breeze Brae district was again vandalized and sustained major damage as a result.

In light of this, residents in the following districts of Grand Turk will be affected until the damage is rectified:

East Suburbs
Breeze Brea
North Ridge
North Creek
Godet’s Allotments
Hospital Road
Moore’s Alley
Cork Tree Beach

The Ministry and Department would like to ask all customers to be as vigilant as possible and notify the Water Undertaking Division at 1 649 338 3519 or 1 649 338 3522, if you notice any leaks or any person(s) tampering with the system.  

Water Undertaking is utilizing all efforts to expedite downtime and would like to thank the General Public for their patience and understanding, while we seek to have this matter rectified.


During 24th - 28th of October 2016 representatives of the Procurement Board attended a workshop on Procurement and Contract Management: Effective Tendering, Award of Contract and Managing your Provider, hosted by Public Administration International (PAI) in the London, United Kingdom. 

The Director of the Governor’s Officer and Chairman of the Procurement Board, Mr. James Astwood along with the Procurement Officer and Secretary to the Procurement Board, Ms. Lurita Ewing were the two representatives from the Turks and Caicos Islands Government who took part in the five (5) day workshop. The aim and objective of the workshop was to gain knowledge in the following key areas in Procurement:

• Key documentation, tendering, evaluation and awarding of contracts; and

• Understand how to develop a robust contractor regime, ensuring quality, contract control and compliance and conducting post-procurement reviews.

The workshop included other participants from countries such as Ghana, Nigeria and Bulgaria. All of the participants are actively involved in the Procurement Process in their home country which enabled healthy discussions regarding the different policies and legislature managing each country’s procurement process.

“The workshop was well organized and the majority of the material presented was similar to the Procurement Process carried out in the Turks and Caicos Islands Government. Even though the countries represented were governed by different laws and policies the common principles found amongst each country regarding Procurement was to uphold Transparency and receive the best Value for Money,” Ms. Lurita Ewing stated.

Mr. Astwood stated; “The workshop was a very rewarding experience as it allowed us as participants to gain better knowledge and insight into the whole process of procurement as well as gained ideas and best practices from other countries on their procurement process. We must say a great thanks to the Deputy Governor’s Office for affording us this opportunity to attend this workshop through the Professional Development Fund.

Deputy Governor, Anya Williams stated; “As the Turks and Caicos Islands Capital Program amounts to over $36.5m and is comprised of almost 100 individual capital projects, it is important that our contracts and procurement staff, that are charged with these responsibilities are equipped with the relevant skills that will allow them to carry out their jobs in a productive and efficient manner.

“Procurement and Contract Management is vital to a governments success and has a profound impact on local economies  It is for this reason that this training program was seen as a high priority and I am pleased that it was able to be accommodated through our Professional Development Fund which has had a great impact throughout the year in providing much needed training and development programs to staff across government.”