Additional positive cases of Covid-19 identified in TCI including at the Providenciales Detention Center

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Additional positive cases of Covid-19 identified in TCI including at the Providenciales Detention Center


Since June 22nd 2020, the Ministry of Health has identified a number of positive cases of Covid-19 on the island of Providenciales. The latest results of testing bring the total number of Covid-19 positive cases to 54 for the Turks and Caicos Islands. The most recent results received last night will be reflected in todays updated dashboard.


These cases have been identified as a result of contact tracing of positive cases, persons presenting to health care settings with symptoms as well as persons who were detained in the detention center from the community.


The Ministry of Health’s Public Health Team is in the field conducting additional contact tracing and is working with the Ministry of Immigration, Department of Immigration and the Detention Center staff in order to conduct contact tracing and quarantine in accordance with Ministry of Health protocols.


The general public is reminded to;

  • Comply with the control measures to prevent and control the spread of Covid-19
  • Be aware of the symptoms and signs of Covid-19 (cough, shortness of breath, fever, diarrhea, loss of smell/taste)
  • Stay home if you are unwell and call the Health Hotlines on 333 0911 or 232 9444
  • Wear face coverings in public
  • Maintain social distancing of 6 feet from other persons
  • Cover your cough/sneeze with your elbow or disposable napkin
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water and use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available
  • Do not discriminate against persons who are suspected of having Covid-19
  • Visit the Ministry of Health’s website for up to date information and guidance


Let us all work together to keep the TCI safe.



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6th July, 2020

Office of the Premier

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Labour and Employment Services Department Registration Drive


The Ministry of Immigration, Citizenship, Labour and Employment Services, in collaboration with the Labour Department, are hereby reminding persons to Register as unemployed today. 

Are you unemployed or someone in your family is facing unemployment? Have you been recently laid-off or made redundant? Or maybe you are seeking better employment.

The Employment Services Department urges you to come and register.


Where are we located: 

  • #96 Sammy Been Plaza, Airport Road, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands.
  • Third Degree, Waterloo Road, Grand Turk
  • District Commissioner Offices on the family islands


If you are unable to visit one of our offices, please feel free to utilize one of the options below:

  • Red Drop Boxes located at every major food store.
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Why should you register?

  1. National Health Concession
  2. Gainfully employed
  3. Affords you opportunity of referral for jobs being advertised in the Newspaper or websites
  4. Better employment opportunities


What do you need?

  • A copy of the photo page of your VALID passport
  • Proof of your immigration status (i.e. TCI status card, Permanent Resident Certificate, Naturalization Certificate, Freelance Permit and or Resident Permit) ·
  • Copy of proof of all qualifications listed on your resume once available·
  • Copy of your resignation or termination letter. 


Let the Employment Services Department Bridge the gap by helping you find your purpose and passion, which is the key to career success.


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The Exchange of Information Unit within the Ministry of Finance is pleased to advise the business community with special emphasis placed on Reporting Financial Institutions with Reportable Accounts registered in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), that the TCI recently underwent and has now completed an upgrade of its AEOI Portal. The Portal has new and enhanced capabilities that will better facilitate the submission of financial accounts data under the United States of America Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), OECD Common Reporting Standard (CRS), Economic Substance (ES) and Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR).

In light of the above, you are hereby invited to attend a virtual training session on the 13th July, 2020 at 10:00 am (EDT)

Please visit our website at to complete and submit the form by 9th July, 2020.

Kindly ensure that you include the email addresses of all participants from your Company on the form, once received, further details will be sent to enrolled participants.

If you have questions regarding the training, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





The Government of the Turks and Caicos has proposed to local taxi operators, whose representatives met with Premier Honourable Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, a proposal that will allow them to access some of the stimulus money that Government has allocated to the Hospitality Sector, to help cushion the fallout of the health pandemic.


Many taxi operators have been unable to access the available stimulus money because there was a high rate of delinquency in national insurance payments and also incidences of operating without business licenses. Without those being up-to-date, the taxi operators were unable to qualify for the stimulus benefits, even though Government has allocated the money.


Premier Cartwright-Robinson has said that she will seek adjustments at the policy level, if the taxi operators who have arrears on national insurance, agree to a good faith payment plan to settle those arrears over the next year.

She reminded them that she has no authority to completely waive fees owed to the National Insurance Board (NIB).

“We are very aware of the plight of many of these taxi operators; and they are no doubt hurting, like many sectors, as a result of this pandemic,” the Premier said.


“We are clear in our minds that politics is about people. And we have already demonstrated our determination to find solutions to get monies to the people as evidenced by the several policy shifts to assist in the processing of the employee grant. We must also continue to bear in mind that there are rules and systems in place to ensure fairness and to guard against abuse. Many make this about a $1200 grant but it is so much more, it is a $15 million Cash Program which the Opposition dubbed as an election gift. This Program is bound to see increased audit scrutiny and hence the need to be ever more vigilant in the administering of this Fund,” she added.


The Premier met with the Group, headed by Mr Sonny Forbes, at her office on Thursday, July 2nd and this meeting followed the initial meeting of June 9th, 2020 where she requested specific information to assist in the crafting of and possible policy responses.


“We had a very open and productive session. As eager as they were to be able to access the funding, they were very cognizant of the things they needed to do,” Honourable Cartwright-Robinson said.


Premier Robinson continued, “Both meetings of June 9th and July 2nd were productive and as stated in a press briefing last week, I invited the Taxi Operators to help me to help them. In the meeting of June 9th, Mr Sonny Forbes accompanied by Ms Onemia Walkin, Mr Martin Theodore, Mr Ron Higgs and Ms Bloneva Greene met me as a Group that was said to have been elected by Taxi Operators to bring to my attention the challenges that the Operators were facing. I sought additional information and received the requested information on June 29th . I must acknowledge that there were two correspondences sent by the Group’s secretary, one undated and one as recent as June 29th, but neither provided the information requested. Mr Forbes on June 29th provided the information and the Team met with me yesterday where I shared a draft proposal. The policy proposals will now be taken to the Cabinet for consideration. I did share publicly that I had requested certain information and once provided, I would seek to assist and I am happy to report that the information was received on Monday past. It is now up to the taxi operators themselves to do the right things to be able to access the stimulus money.”


In recent days, a few taxi operators (including a member who had attended the first meeting with the Premier) had staged protest demonstrations because of their frustrations with not being able to access stimulus money. But the remainder of the Group representing the taxi operators maintained  ongoing discussions on the matter with the Government.


Premier Robinson shared that “We are happy that the dialogue continued with the Group despite losing one of its key members who acted as Secretary. We can achieve so much more together when we dialogue.”


With the onset of the pandemic, the Government allocated money to cushion the effects to certain categories of workers and small businesses that were hardest hit.


As a result of COVID-19, the Government has been spending in excess of the original budget, at a time when its own revenues have dramatically plummeted.


‘We understand the difficulty of the times, but our first mission, even if it’s against many odds, is to ensure that the engines of this economy are kept afloat,” the Premier said.


Pictured above: A meeting the Premier Honourable Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson and Group
of Taxi Operators including, Mr. Sonny Forbes, Mr Martin Theodore and Ms. Onemia Walkin on
on July 2nd 2020 at the Office of the Premier, Local Government and Community Affairs,
Hon. Hilly Ewing Building, Upper Level, Leeward Highway, Providenciales.








I regret yesterday’s experience for Turks and Caicos Islanders and returning residents who were unfortunately not allowed to travel on a flight home from Florida.


While I was unaware of the scheduled flight, I note that there has been no such previous experience having had a number of these flights arranged from multiple destinations already. This of course has prompted my full attention and I immediately called for a full inquiry as to what has led to this rather unfortunate experience. Even ahead of a full report, it appears that there has been a serious breakdown in communication above anything else.


In addition to the request for information surrounding what transpired, I have also requested the relevant agencies to reach out to all those affected and to enquire of their needs.


The Turks and Caicos Islands Government has also moved to identify a flight to repatriate these individuals, and as soon as the Ministry of Health is in a position to approve, we will assist in bringing everyone home. My Government has established clear protocols and will ensure that all are reacquainted with those protocols so that we are able to keep us all safe. 


I want to assure everyone that this matter is being addressed with the urgency it deserves at this very moment.


In this crisis, and always, we shall never abandon our people. Our policy decision was always clear – bring our people home.



Turks & Caicos Government

Office of the Governor

Office of the Deputy Governor