TCI COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Site Goes Live





TCI COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Site Goes Live


Following the successful launch of the TCI’s COVID-19 vaccination program on Monday January 11th, 2021 where over 300 persons in the TCI have been vaccinated to date, including at risk high priority groups such as healthcare workers, elderly persons, frontline workers and those with chronic non communicable diseases, the Turks and Caicos Islands Government is pleased to announce the official launch of its COVID-19 Vaccine Registration site  to allow all residents in the TCI to register their interest in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.


The Turks and Caicos Islands is currently administering the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine  which must be administered in two doses over a course of 21 days. In order to be eligible for registration, you must be a resident of the Turks and Caicos Islands.  


Priority will be given to persons over the age of 55; persons with Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases and persons that work in frontline positions.  However we encourage all residents of the Turks and Caicos to register their interest in being vaccinated as the aim is to vaccinate the large majority of our population that wish to be vaccinated.


Deputy Governor Anya Williams in explaining the registration portal said; “We express our thanks to our team in the Central Information Technology Unit assisted by our Public Health and Logistics Team, on the swift development and launch of our registration portal. The portal will be manned by our competent and professional staff in the Ministry of Health that have done an excellent job thus far in the roll out of the vaccine. The vaccine as a priority has thus far been primarily administered to our healthcare workers that have worked as our first line of defense in the fight against COVID-19 over the course of the last nine months.


Focus has and will continue to be placed on the priority age and at risk groups listed, but the registration process and receipt of the vaccine is open to all residents. We encourage persons that are still undecided, to research the credible sources found on our website as well as to consult your personal physician.  Engagement continues with the Private Medical Practitioners Association on the roll out of the vaccine, where training and other support is currently being provided. For persons with underlying conditions, allergies, or other medical concerns, there is a provision on the portal to allow private referrals from your personal physician following consultation.


I encourage all persons that can, to register on the website to be vaccinated. Appointments will commence the week of January 25th, 2021 and will be assigned based on priority. I have been vaccinated and you should too!”


Premier Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson lauding the success of the vaccination program thus far and encouraging additional persons to register said; “I am pleased with the response received thus far from those interested in being vaccinated. Whilst our focus remains on vaccinating our healthcare workers, vulnerables and other front line workers, we are happy to extend to those who are willing to be vaccinated. This website will aid us in the orderly registration of interested persons. We will also be looking to put additional measures to ensure there are no barriers to accessing information. 


We as a country have been blessed with this great opportunity and it is important that we do not squander what others long for. Our country has always done well in our vaccination programs in an effort to promote individual and general health. We  need to do continue this practise to regain greater control of our lives and country, as we learn to co-exist with this virus.”


Governor Nigel Dakin commenting on the TCI’s Vaccination Strategy, the launch of the registration portal and the need for persons to consider taking the vaccine said; “Our aim is that every person in TCI should have the opportunity to be vaccinated. We want TCI to be the safest as well as the most beautiful place in the world. We will not be able to secure more vaccine from the UK unless we can demonstrate we can quickly and judiciously distribute that which we already have at our disposal, so please don’t watch and wait. I’d urge anyone who wants to be vaccinated to register now.  


We will prioritise based on need but once we have taken the vaccine from the freezer we intend to use every ounce of it to safeguard these islands so even those who are not in priority groups may be able to take the vaccine – and safeguard themselves, their families and their community – in the next month. We have an amazing opportunity TCI, let’s not miss our chance to be a world leader!”




Ministry of Health Covid-19 update

Press release


Ministry of Health Covid-19 update


The Ministry of Health has conformed a further seventeen (17) cases of Covid-19 through testing conducted at the National Public Health Laboratory on 11th January 2021. This brings the total number of Covid-19 cases for the TCI to one thousand and eleven (1011) since the beginning of the pandemic. Of the seventeen (17) new cases, sixteen (16) were identified in Providenciales and one (1) in Grand Turk. The total number of active cases for the TCI is 185 with 125 in Providenciales and 60 in Grand Turk.


The majority of the individuals which tested positive yesterday were experiencing symptoms and one person was admitted to the hospital bringing the total number of Covid-19 positive admissions to the hospital to four (4).


With the continued increase in confirmed cases being reported on a daily basis, the general public is reminded to be vigilant in ensuring that they practice proper hygiene at all times. This includes;

  • The wearing of face coverings in public (to cover both the mouth and nose)
  • Frequent handwashing with soap and water or use of alcohol based hand sanitizers
  • Practicing social distancing of 6 feet
  • Avoiding crowds
  • Covering your coughs and sneezes
  • Staying at home if you have symptoms of Covid-19 which include; cough, fever, headache, shortness of breath, diarrhea, loss of sense of taste or smell
  • Calling the health hotlines if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 on 333 0911 or 232 9444
  • Comply with contact tracing teams by providing information requested
  • Adhering to quarantine if you have been issued a quarantine order
  • Staying informed by visiting the Ministry of Health’s website or Facebook page on or
  • The public is encouraged to register their interest for the Covid-19 vaccine which commenced roll out 11.1.2021.



Ministry of Health Addresses Threats Made Against Public Health Staff

Press Release


Ministry of Health Addresses Threats Made Against Public Health Staff


The Ministry of Health is responsible for the public health response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  This includes various public health functions such as contact tracing, testing and quarantine as well as compliance efforts in collaboration with other agencies such as the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force.

In carrying out these functions under the Turks and Caicos Islands Public and Environmental Health (Covid-19)(Control Measures) Regulations 2021 (Legal Notice 1 of 2021) and other legislative measures, there have been multiple times where staff have been threatened with violence and been verbally abused while carrying out their duties.


These duties are carried out to ensure the health and wellbeing of all persons in the TCI whether residents or visitors and in order to prevent and control the spread of Covid-19 within the TCI.  The cooperation of the public is critical in achieving these public health goals.  Public Health Staff must be respected in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities and deserve to carry out their duties safety.


Persons are reminded of the Regulations which state the following:



  1. No person shall obstruct the Chief Medical Officer, any public health officer, public officer, police officer, any other law enforcement officer, or any prison officer, acting in the course of his duty as such, or any person exercising any powers or performing any duties conferred or imposed on him by or under any of these Regulations, or otherwise discharging any lawful functions in connection with the performance of any statutory purpose.



  1. Any person who contravenes these Regulations commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of five thousand dollars or to a term of imprisonment for three months, or to both.


Persons who are non-compliant with the Regulations or threaten staff in any way when carrying out their duties will be immediately reported to the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force for enforcement action. Abuse of officials seeking to carry out important public health functions will not be tolerated.








The Ministry of Health Agriculture, Sports and Human Services wishes to advise the public that scheduled COVID-19 community testing across ALL islands will be postponed this week. This is due to limitations beyond our control. Rescheduled dates will be announced in due course.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Remember to always practice the following safety measures:

  • Wash and sanitize hands frequently
  • Maintain physical distance (at least 6 feet apart)
  • Cover your cough and sneezes
  • Wear a face covering when in public
  • Avoid crowds


Please remember if you are having any COVID19 related symptoms, remain at home and contact the Health Hotlines at: (649) 232-9444 or (649) 333-0911.













The public is hereby advised that the Supreme Court Registries in both Providenciales and Grand Turk will be closed at 12:00pm on Friday 11th December, 2020 to facilitate a staff function.


The Court will resume normal working hours on Monday 14th December, 2020 at 9:00am


We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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